William G. Hoy, D.Min., FT

Advisory Board

William Hoy

William G. Hoy, D.Min, FT, is Clinical Professor of Medical Humanities at Baylor University where he has taught undergraduate pre-medical students since 2012. Prior to his full-time academic appointment at Baylor, William was the director of counseling services for Pathways Volunteer Hospice in Long Beach, California.

He is the author of six books and more than 100 papers, journal articles, and educational pamphlets and is particularly interested in the influence of social support derived through funeral rituals and its influence on the grief process. Bill and his wife, Debbie, are parents to two adult children. The Hoys make their home in Crawford, Texas, about 25 miles from the Baylor campus and just northeast of Fort Hood where William has presented on behalf of TAPS.