Carry the Load with TAPS Togethers and Team TAPS

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Locations Across the U.S.

Join your TAPS family during this very moving and inspiring memorial month as we honor our heroes nationwide during Carry The Load's Memorial May campaign.


About Carry the Load »

Carry The Load’s Memorial May campaign takes place all month long to raise awareness and provide active ways to connect Americans to the sacrifices made by our military, veterans, first responders, and their families. Memorial Day is dedicated to honoring and remembering the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.

Participate with TAPS »

There are several ways you can participate with TAPS and honor your fallen hero. Register with Carry the Load to join and/or fundraise with Team TAPS at one of the relay routes near your city or town, join others at one of Rally Cities or at the Dallas Memorial March, or at a TAPS Togethers relay location and honor your fallen loved one with every step.


Where Can You Participate?

The TAPS Family will be participating along the five National Relay Routes and Rally Cities and at TAPS Togethers events listed below.  More events will be posted here as details are finalized.


TAPS Togethers


Five National Relay Routes

The culmination of these five relay routes will happen on Sunday, May 26 in Dallas, Texas, at the Dallas Memorial March. Our TAPS Dallas Care Group will take part in this special conclusion of this “Memorial May” event honoring all of our fallen heroes.

Begins: Thursday, May 2
Starts in:
Seattle, Washington
Number of Locations: 171
Ends: Sunday, May 26
Ends in: Dallas, Texas

Begins: Tuesday, May 15
Starts in:
Minot, North Dakota
Number of Locations: 68
Ends: Sunday, May 26
Ends in: Dallas, Texas

Begins: Sunday, May 5
Starts in:
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Number of Locations: 165
Ends: Sunday, May 26
Ends in: Dallas, Texas

Begins: Wednesday, May 1
Starts in:
Burlington, Vermont
Number of Locations: 187
Ends: Sunday, May 26
Ends in: Dallas, Texas

Begins: Monday, April 29
Starts in:
West Point, New York
Number of Locations: 213
Ends: Sunday, May 26
Ends in: Dallas, Texas


Fundraise and/or Register with Team TAPS

When you register with Carry the Load under Team TAPS (Company ID 5797) on the Carry the Load peer-to-peer fundraising site, 100% of any donations taken in will go to TAPS! Start by registering a team, joining an existing team, or signing up as an individual. Upon registration, you will receive more information about fundraising and tracking your miles walked this May.

*Please note, fundraising is NOT required to participate with Carry the Load. However, we do ask that you register on the website to join the team so we know you are participating with us.


Support Team TAPS

Visit the Team TAPS' Carry the Load fundraising site to join or donate to a Team.

See the list of Carry the Load with Team TAPS Participants. Select a participant's name to donate and/or join the team and help honor the legacy of our loved ones. You can also email for questions or more information.


Share Your Experience With Us

As you honor your fallen heroes and carry them with you, we invite you to share your full resolution pictures of your memorial activity or walk and any thoughts that this inspiring event may bring out. Photos can be emailed to or post them to your social media channels and tag us @tapsorg.


Partnership Info

TAPS is proud to once again be an official non-profit partner with Carry the Load in this moving memorial event. We have been an honored partner since their first inaugural event, and look forward to observing their 12th anniversary with them this May.

For more information OR if you would like to be a TAPS Team Lead in one of the Rally Cities along the five National Routes, please contact