Carry the Load with Team TAPS

add to outlook calendar add to gmail calendar April 29 - May 30, 2021
Virtually and In-Person Across the U.S.

Join your TAPS family during this very moving and inspiring memorial month as we honor our heroes nationwide during Carry the Load.

COVID Protocol Statement

In an effort to comply with local COVID-19 guidelines, please insure you register and indicate where you will be physically participating so Carry the Load can manage participation numbers throughout the Memorial May events, and adhere to all CDC guidelines and protocols.


TAPS Carry the Load Participants

TAPS Carry the Load Participants


How Can You Participate?

Whether along the relay routes, the Dallas Memorial March, or virtually from the comfort of wherever you are, there are lots of ways to participate this year and honor your loved ones with every step. Be sure to wear your TAPS gear/attire for whatever activity you choose. We welcome you to wear your TAPS photo buttons, as well, as you honor your heroes during these events.


Where Can You Participate?

The TAPS Family will be participating along the 4 National Relay Routes and Rally Cities (virtually and in-person).

The culmination of the four relay routes will happen on Sunday, May 30 in Dallas, Texas, at the Dallas Memorial March. Our TAPS Dallas Care Group will take part in this special conclusion of this “Memorial May” event honoring all of our fallen heroes.

4 National Relay Routes

  • West Coast
    Begins Thursday, April 29 in Seattle, Washington
    228 Locations from Thursday, April 29 to Sunday, May 30

  • Mountain States
    Begins Tuesday, May 18 in Minot, North Dakota
    65 Locations from Tuesday, May 18 – Sunday, May 30

  • Midwest
    Begins Friday, May 7 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
    183 Locations from Friday, May 7 – Sunday, May 30

  • East Coast
    Begins Monday, May 3 in West Point, New York
    232 Locations from Monday, May 3 – Sunday, May 30


How to Register

Register and join your TAPS family, along with Carry the Load, as we honor the legacy of our loved ones. You can also email for questions or more information.

*Please note although there is a fundraising component, fundraising is NOT required to participate. However, we do ask that you register on the website to join the team so we know you are participating with us.


Share Your Experience With Us

As you honor your fallen heroes and carry them with you, we invite you to share pictures of your memorial activity or walk and any thoughts that this inspiring event may bring out. Photos can be emailed to or post them to your social media channels and tag us @tapsorg.


What is Carry the Load?

For many years TAPS and survivors across the country have participated in Carry the Load, a national relay bringing Americans together in honor our nation’s heroes. What originally started as a Memorial Day event has grown into “Memorial May” — a month-long series of activities that kicks off at the end of April and concludes on Memorial Day.


Partnership Info

TAPS is proud to once again be an official non-profit partner with Carry the Load in this moving memorial event. We have been an honored partner since their first inaugural event, and look forward to observing their 10th anniversary with them this May.

For more information OR if you would like to be a TAPS Team Lead in one of the Rally Cities along the 4 National Routes, please contact