TAPS Survivor Newsletter October 2023

Author: TAPS Media

Twenty-nine years ago, on October 17, 1994, TAPS was founded to support survivors of fallen military heroes. In the last 29 years, we’ve grown and adapted to the changing face of military and veteran loss — all relationships, all manners of death, and any duty status. We are bonded by loss, but stronger together. 

You bravely share your grief journey with TAPS and fellow survivors, and you honor your hero by being their living legacy. As we mark 29 years of serving survivors, we hope you'll continue to grow with us. Become a part of our Peer Mentor program by requesting a Peer Mentor or, when you are ready to support other survivors, become a Peer Mentor. Together, we heal.


TAPS October Newsletter 2023, young survivor on TAPS Cruise

In this issue:

  • TAPS Recognizes 29 Years of Serving Survivors
  • Honoring Heroes at the Ballpark
  • Homicide Loss Online Group
  • Healing at Recent TAPS Events
  • Upcoming In-Person and Online Connections
  • TAPS Honor Wall

TAPS Survivor News
October 2023

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