Sanithna Phansavanh Autographed 30x30 1 of 1 "Peace Up, A-Town Down" Stretched Canvas

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Auction Closes November 7

Sanithna Phansavanh Autographed 30x30 1 of 1 Peace Up, A-Town Down Stretched Canvas


This Sanithna original panting is a replica of the much larger mural that is located inside Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Sanithna Is a first-generation immigrant artist working and living in Atlanta. Sanithna has an interest in the cycles of creation, existence, and permanence. His work usually depicts figures that are often simplified with expressive line-work or vibrant palettes, to be seen as vessels for energy and potential. Ranging from small pencil drawings to large-scale painted murals, Sanithna's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, with notable showings at the High Museum of Art, on the Atlanta BeltLine, as a part of the Living Walls Conference, and through the City of Atlanta's Public Art program.

Auction winner will be contacted by TAPS to confirm delivery instructions.

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