TAPS Partnership with Outdoor Buddies All-Female Cataract River Trip

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Moab, Utah

Entry form now closed.

All-female adult survivors 18 and older whose loss occurred more than one year ago are invited to join TAPS in partnership with Outdoor Buddies on the All-Female Cataract River Trip as we find new purpose, gain radical perspective and remember what it feels like to live with determination.



TAPS Expeditions are outdoor skills-based events that require dedication, preparation and a real sense of adventure. Share a truly fearless journey, lead by professional guide company Sheri Griffith River Expeditions, as we venture  down the Cataract River on a 5 day, 4 night whitewater adventure with our fellow survivors and female veterans.



On the morning of the launch, September 20, we will load all gear in the shuttle vehicles and board for Potash Boat Ramp, about 20 miles downstream of Moab on the Colorado River. Along the way, we make road stops to view petroglyphs. At Potash, Sheri Griffith River Expeditions will have the boats in the water and ready to load personal gear. From Potash we head down the river to a petrified forest for exploration and lunch, and then on to Indian Creek. We’ll round out the day with a dinner and campfire and relaxing under the western night skies and a billion stars.

Then each day starts with a full breakfast. There will be opportunities for hiking at the Loop and we will meet up with the rafts about 4 miles downstream for lunch. Further down the river, we go through a little ripple at The Slide. From there, we boat to the Confluence with the Green river, and the flow picks up a little. About 5 miles further is Spanish Bottom, an open basin that is our possible second camp. Another night of relaxing, camaraderie, and star-gazing.

The Doll House and the Land of the Standing Rocks are a very worthwhile hike from Spanish Bottom. From Spanish Bottom we lash down the gear and go through the rapids.  There are about 35 rapids interspersed with flat water. The big rapids have catchy names like Satan's Gut, Little Niagara, the Red Wall, the Tail Wave, the Claw, and will provide a memorable thrill for even the most adventuresome rafters.  We expect the water level to be low and warm and the rapids docile, so paddle boats and duckies will provide some teamwork and thrills. We may camp along the way in the canyon along the rapids.  The beaches will be wide. Early on the last day, September 24, we break camp and head back to Moab, Utah.



Your expedition fees are covered by Outdoor Buddies, but you will need to cover the cost of transportation to and from Moab, Utah. 



Your lodging is covered by Outdoor Buddies from the evening of September 19 to the morning of September 25. You will need to provide transportation to and from Moab, Utah. Please do not make travel arrangements until you receive a notification of your selection to attend. 



This expedition requires no whitewater rafting experience but does necessitate that you be physically fit and healthy. The expedition will include 5 days and 4 nights of whitewater rafting and primitive camping. The TAPS Expeditions team will make sure you are prepared and well-informed of the nature of this trip.

To maximize your enjoyment of the trip and to avoid sore muscles, we suggest you engage in a regular exercise regimen leading up to the trip. Prior to the trip, you'll be provided with a detailed itinerary and gear list.



Entry form now closed.  Entry forms will be reviewed approximately every two weeks. All domestic expeditions are based on a lottery system. If more entries are received than we have slots available all applicants will be placed in a random lottery. 

It’s our goal to ensure that as many survivors as possible have the opportunity to experience healing in the wilderness. Preference will be given to applicants who haven't participated in a TAPS Expedition within the past year, so long as they are capable of participating in all activities. 

If you have any questions, please email expeditions@taps.org or call 800-959-TAPS (8277).

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