California Whitewater Rafting Expedition

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After the death of a loved one, the entire landscape of life changes - routine becomes rigorous, familiar becomes foreign.

This, after all, was not the plan. This was not on your map.

But maybe, in those dark moments where you've felt small and powerless, you've also sensed that you are meant to do something big.

It's not like you're in your comfort zone anyway. 


Share an exhilarating expedition with TAPS survivors as we take on the whitewater rapids of the American River. Gain a sense of purpose and teamwork as you work together to overcome the river’s mighty force. 

Join us as we find new purpose, gain radical perspective and remember what it feels like to live with determination. 

Who can attend?
TAPS Expeditions are open to all adult survivors over 18 including parents, widows, adult children, siblings, battle buddies, extended family, etc.

What should I expect from this trip?
Join your TAPS family as we conquer the American River, considered by many to be the best whitewater trip in California. Its pristine headwaters originate in Yosemite National Park then surge through 18 miles of nonstop, Class IV+ rapids.

We will begin our journey with Class III whitewater rapids on the South Fork and will ramp up in the American River with Class IV rapids! This incredible whitewater adventure includes intricate boulder gardens, rushing cascades and churning holes, which all combine for action-packed paddling throughout the whole excursion. This trip is being put together through a partnership with OARS. See more detailed information about the trip

How much does it cost?
Thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors, TAPS will cover the cost of the trip, including food and lodging once you arrive at the OARS River Park Adventure Campground, with the exception of travel to and from California. 

Do I need to plan my own transportation and lodging?
You will need to plan and cover the cost of your transportation to and from California. The closest airport is Sacramento International Airport (SMF). 

How do I apply? 
If you want to join the California Whitewater Rafting Expedition, please fill out this survey, and the TAPS Expeditions team will contact you shortly to discuss the next steps.

I have no whitewater rafting experience. Can I still go? 
Yes! If this adventure excites you, we encourage you to fill out this survey. The TAPS Expeditions team will make sure you are prepared and well informed of the nature of this trip. 

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?
Please fill out this survey, and the TAPS Expeditions team will contact you shortly.

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