Evgenia (Jane) Milman, PhD

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Evgenia Milman

Evgenia (Jane) Milman, BSc, MAPhD

Dr. Milman is  a psychologist who teaches and conducts grief research at St Edward's University. She is also a faculty member at the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition and adjunct assistant professor with the National Crime Victims Treatment and Research Center at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Milman publishes research examining how making meaning of difficult life experiences influences mental health following grief, trauma and other stressful events. She also actively practices psychology and has published novel grief therapy techniques, assessment tools, and treatment protocols, including authoring chapters for the Hospice Foundation of America and for each edition of the acclaimed Routledge series Techniques of Grief Therapy. These publications focus on how to support the bereft in living meaningfully after a loss while maintaining a life-affirming connection with deceased. Dr. Milman is a content expert and writer for the Canadian Virtual Hospice, currently developing online grief support resources for Canadian veterans and their families. Dr. Milman is proud to serve as the chair of the Distance and Online Education committee at the Association for Death Education and Counseling where she coordinates continuing education in grief and end-of-life therapy. Currently, Dr. Milman is collaborating with Drs. Edith Steffen and Robert Neimeyer to develop the Handbook of Grief Therapies for Sage Publications. Dr. Milman presents internationally on the topic of grief, trauma and meaning making, offering workshops, webinars, and research presentations at conferences, in clinical settings, and for media outlets.


Visit ResearchGate for a list of Dr. Milman’s publications.