The Love Work Virtual Women's Empowerment Retreat

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Application Open from July 23, 2020 to August 3, 2020

Surviving women whose loss occurred more than 3 years ago are invited to "The Love Work" virtual Women's Empowerment (WE) retreat.  

Surviving women at Empowerment retreat

We often refer to the psychological process of coping with significant loss as “grief work.” We encourage each other to be present with the pains of loss, name what is wounded and hurting, and take time to process and heal. Grief work can’t be skipped, can’t be rushed, and can’t be avoided - unaddressed hurts can pop up to take us by surprise and steal our joy. Grief work asks us to both confront and acknowledge powerful emotions, but it also helps us honor who we’ve loved and what we’ve lost.

Yet, even if we’re standing fully in the truth and pain of our grief, we may still have some work to do in another area - and so we’re calling this our love work. What if we had the same imperative to open our hearts as we have had to heal them? What if we spent time exploring the emotion that helps us connect past with present and future? What if we took time to think about how we relate, how we care, how we protect ourselves, and how we tend to our own hearts? Love - it’s what we crave, what we avoid, what we miss the most, what we’re afraid to allow.  It’s sometimes the hardest thing and sometimes the easiest thing. 

Together, we’ll meet once a week talking about doing some love work  - because we know that, just like grief work, the questions of self-worth, intimacy, expectations, boundaries, fear, and relationships - don’t get easier with postponement.



The Love Work is a virtual Women's Empowerment retreat that will run for five weeks and includes:

  • Group Zoom Session: We've set aside 90 minutes each week to check in with the whole group via Zoom. We will expect to see your lovely face at all of these. There are 2 time options of zoom sessions to choose from: Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. Eastern or Saturdays at 12:00 p.m. Eastern.
  • Big Feelings, Small Groups: In order to ensure we build strong and enduring friendships, we'll divide the big group into smaller cohorts. This gives you the opportunity to move through the programming with a small band of sisters there to support you and share the experience.
  • Prompts, Projects, and Activities Galore: Participants should expect to spend around five hours per week on retreat activities. In addition to the 90-minute Zoom meeting, a variety of self-guided and group sessions will be available. Your choices of self-reflection, movement, creation, and "love work", projects, and activities should take up between 3-4 hours each week.
  • Love Work Empowerment Kit: Prior to the start of the retreat, you'll receive a downloadable Empowerment Kit. It will include a printable workbook/journal (you'll be the envy of all your friends), a nice note from TAPS Empowerment staff, and some other surprises. Use these materials to guide you through our five weeks of transformation.

Surviving women at Empowerment retreat



  • Week 1: What does Love Look Like
  • Week 2: Seeing Love Around Us
  • Week 3: Love, Worth, and Self-Compassion
  • Week 4: Love under Construction
  • Week 5: Wrap-Up



We ask that you commit time to this event just as you would if we could travel to be together. Of course, we'll have grace with ourselves and each other, but we'll expect you to make the effort to create a sanctuary for yourself in your own space. We want you to create a covenant of accountability and support with yourself and your sisters. The bonus of hosting a retreat online is we can create an extended event that ensures no one misses any of the magic; the requirement of a retreat online is your focused presence - also so no one misses any of the magic!



This retreat is open to women who are now more than three years out from their loss. (TAPS is concurrently offering a 'New to Grief' program for those whose loss occurred less than three years ago.) 

No Cost, Great Benefit: Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, who stand with us even in the midst of COVID-19, we are able to offer this experience to you at no cost.

Surviving women at Empowerment retreat



Instead of an application, we ask you to fill out a statement of intention between July 23 and August 3, 2020 (look for the blue button at the top of this page at that time). This confirms you're willing to find the time, make the commitment, and show up for yourself and your sisters. After we confirm your statement of intention, you'll receive a link to registration.

If you have any questions, please email or call 800-959-TAPS (8277).