A Network of Hope, A Link to Help

There's a network of hope out there from across the global COVID-19 response. Listed below are links to many of those beneficial efforts to help find available support.  This list is updated weekly. To provide feedback on these resources, please email survey@taps.org.

COVID germ

Coping During this COVID-19 Crisis

  • How to Cope With Quarantine Fatigue
    (Very Well Mind)
    As we reach the two-month mark of social distancing and various stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many people are feeling physically and emotionally drained from what experts have labeled "quarantine fatigue.
  • What to Do If the Coronavirus Health Guidelines Are Triggering Your Anxiety or OCD
    (The Mighty)
    Learn some simple steps to reconcile what's recommended for public health while maintaining our mental health.
  • How to Embrace Change
    (Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute)
    We all have been situations where we feel like nothing is in our control and that the best thing to do is go with the changes. Here are some ways to embrace that change.
  • Tips on Coping With Coronavirus If You Live Alone
    (Very Well Mind)
    Here are effective strategies you can employ that will foster a healthier mindset if you're sheltering by yourself.
  • How to Stay Kind
    (Ten Percent Happier)
    How do we stay kind and connected when it seems like the whole world is falling apart? Here are three simple steps you can try out in continuing to stay kind throughout during these difficult times.

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broken heart

Grief and Loss

  • How to Help Young People With Grief and Loss During COVID-19
    (Psychology Today)
    Here are a few ways on how to help young people deal with grief and loss during the pandemic.
  • Depression vs. Grief
    (Hospice Foundation of America)
    In moments of deep sadness, you may wonder what the difference is between grief and depression. Read about these critical distinctions to understand the difference.
  • When an Animal Companion Dies
    (Hospice Foundation of America)
    Grief is not just about human relationships, but about animal attachments as well. Read about how losing an animal companion involves its own similar grief process and how to address the loss in a healthy manner.
  • Mixed Memories
    (Hospice Foundation of America)
    When your relationship with the person who has died was not always positive, grief can be additionally challenging. Here are some thoughts about how these conflicting feelings can affect how one grieves.

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Health and Wellness

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adult and child

Parenting and Youth

  • 6 PBS KIDS Apps for Summer Learning
    (PBS Kids)
    Want to keep kids safely engaged, learning, and playing? Here is a list of the best apps from PBS KIDS.
  • 44 Children's Books About Mental Health
    (Child Mind Institute)
    Here are 44 books about mental health for helping kids understand emotional and learning challenges.
  • The Power of Positive Attention
    (Child Mind Institute)
    Experts have found that giving kids positive rather than negative attention is much more effective in changing behavior. Learn how to practice positive attention with your children.
  • 12 Summer Jobs Teens Can Do From Home or While Social Distancing
    Check out these creative opportunities for kids this summer, in addition to classic high school summer jobs options like scooping ice cream or working retail. Here's what to suggest to your teen.
  • 20 New Ideas and Activities to Try This Summer
    (PBS Kids)
    This summer is different, that's for sure. From canceled camps to closed pools, typical summer plans for families across the country are shifting.So, how can we make summer special in this new normal?

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Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Postvention

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