A Network of Hope, A Link to Help

There's a network of hope out there from across the global COVID-19 response. Listed below are links to many of those beneficial efforts to help find available support.  This list is updated weekly. To provide feedback on these resources, please email survey@taps.org.

COVID germ

Coping During this COVID-19 Crisis

  • How to Heal Yourself in Nature
    (Ten Percent Happier)
    In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, being outside in nature is perhaps the safest way to find healing and solace. Here are a few ways to do that which you can try on your own.
  • Do You Have 'Zoom Apnea'?
    (Ten Percent Happier)
    Is Zoom apnea the newest manifestation of screen apnea? Simply bringing attention to your breath and body can make a huge difference. Here’s a simple, three-part practice that to try even if you’re right in the middle of a zoom call.
  • Practicing Mindfulness in Groups: 9 Activities and Exercises
    (Positive Psychology)
    This article discusses the benefits of performing mindfulness with others and describes activities that work well in a group setting.
  • Corona Got You Anxious? Breathing Could Be Best, New Studies Show
    (Psychology Today)
    Read about how breathwork can alleviate anxious thoughts and feelings leading to more benefits than alternative treatments.

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Grief and Loss

  • Grieving life and loss
    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, psychologists will play a key role in helping people manage the many losses they’re mourning.
  • At a Loss
    (Psychology Today)
    Grief has always been a difficult emotion to grip, and the COVID crisis throws into bold relief what happens when grief has—quite literally—nowhere to go. However, this insight suggests that people can summon inner strength and powers of reflection when acknowledging their grief.
  • David Sheff: Turning Grief into Active Compassion
    (Psychology Today)
    Alone together; Love, Grief and comfort in the time of COVID-19.

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Health and Wellness

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adult and child

Parenting and Youth

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Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Postvention

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