Stories by Rachel Hunsell

Nature Heals

Nature can be a healer for us. Nature Heals written by Alan Wolfelt explores how to begin integrating it into your grief journey.

7/30/2021 - Rachel Hunsell
5 Ways to Reconnect With Nature This Earth Day

As we celebrate Earth Day, Arbor Day and National Park week, we invite you to explore how your life intertwines with nature and its impacts on grief.

4/22/2021 - Rachel Hunsell
An Invitation Of Love

To give and receive love is life’s most grand adventure and deepest valley, a painful darkness and a holy sanctuary.

1/29/2021 - Rachel Hunsell
The Threshold Season

Find hope in the winter wilderness with an open heart and mind. Be open to what is and what is to come both in the winter and in our grief.

1/8/2021 - Rachel Hunsell
3 Step Hiking Guide to Prepare for Any Trail - Even Grief

There is power in pairing movement with time spent outdoors for our physical, mental and emotional health. Get the resources for your future hiking experiences!

11/13/2020 - Rachel Hunsell
Grandma's Garden of Life

TAPS Outdoors Manager shares lessons learned from her grandmother and how even in her death she made life’s blooms brighter and fuller.

10/10/2020 - Rachel Hunsell
Nature - The Soul’s Healing Balm

TAPS invites all to celebrate the power of connection through nature with our new series "A Breath of Fresh Air" with #TAPSOutdoors!

9/26/2020 - Rachel Hunsell
Climbing the Mountain of Grief Side by Side

TAPS Expeditions are outdoor therapeutic adventures that require participants to step out of their comfort zones, and foster growth in mind, body and spirit.

7/6/2020 - Rachel Hunsell
Connected by Shared Experiences, Bound by Love

A group of TAPS survivors traveled to East Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Although on different journeys, they are all connected.

4/21/2020 - Rachel Hunsell
Adventures Give Us Strength in the Wilderness of Grief

On TAPS Expeditions, we explore the wilderness of our earth and of our grief; setting us on a path to find the answers.

12/19/2019 - Rachel Hunsell
Finding Strength Together, on the Trail

Survivors gain strength and bond together as they push through extreme difficulty during their 4-day, 50 mile trek in the Grand Canyon.

10/3/2018 - Rachel Hunsell
United Through Darkness, Shining Together

I was submerged in one of the Seven Wonders of the World with people who, without speaking, knew my heart and its pain.

9/29/2015 - Rachel Hunsell