Good Grief and Family Camp at Home: Summer Program

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Registration Close Date: August 28, 2020
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We have missed you these many months! We know this summer is going to be quite different, for all of us - and while we, including your Mentors, are sad we can't be together right now, your TAPS family is here for you and your kids! We wanted to give you a flexible summer program where the kids, on their own, and the family, together, can do activities, can connect, and can go on adventures, much like we do at TAPS Campouts! It is our hope that you will join and embrace this unique opportunity to bring camp into your home!

Hawaii Good Grief Camp

Each week we will offer new and exciting themes, activities that can be performed at your own pace on your own time, and a chance to connect live with other TAPS kids and mentors, and other TAPS families.  

If you’re joining us after camp has started, no worries, you can easily see activities and challenges we offered during previous weeks.  You do not have to try and catch up, each week is for you to choose what adventures you wish to explore. 

Getting Started

To have access to our summer camp program our TAPS children must be registered with a parent or guardian.  Registration will remain open through each week of Good Grief and Family Camp at Home.  You can register anytime you are ready.  

Those registered will receive an email each Sunday with the link to the Good Grief and Family Camp at Home event page.   You will also receive a reminder of the week’s themes, a supply list for that week, and the Zoom links to our live sessions. 

We kickoff our summer with our Flat Mentor adventure. We will pair your child with a Mentor who will also become their “Flat Mentor” this summer, and your child will be  their “Flat Mentee”  We will share  lots of opportunities to get to know one another, do some fun challenges, and learn about each other.   When you register select that your child would like to participate and/or email Celetese Arriaga at mentors@taps.orgNote: all attempts will be made to locate a Mentor in your area, but not guaranteed.   

What to expect

Sitting like a frog activity
Flexible Activities

Activity Videos: Created and hosted by our trained TAPS Group Leaders, who are passionate experts in education and childhood bereavement, each activity offers an opportunity to get creative, to be mindful, to move our bodies, and to be empowered. Each week we will provide new activity videos which explore the theme of the week.

TAPS Activity Booklet: Many exciting brain teasers, puzzles, and additional activities make for moments of fun no matter where you are. Each week there will be a new booklet that explores the weekly theme.


Good Grief Camp
TAPS Kids and Families Connect

Thursdays at 7:00 to 7:45 p.m. Eastern, we will have our time to connect live!

TAPS Kids Connect will be hosted by our TAPS group leaders and mentors. Here, TAPS kids and teens will have an opportunity to share and engage in exciting games.

For our TAPS Families Connect, we come together to learn an exciting family activity, or play a family game, and share our stories on the family challenge.


boy prepping for zip lining
TAPS Family Challenge

Each week, we will share an opportunity to challenge yourself and your family. Whether it is taking time to be still, building something new together, or getting outside for additional adventures, we will challenge you to connect as a family and have fun.   In addition we want you to share your challenge with us and others by posting pictures and stories of your challenge to our TAPS Instagram and Facebook pages!


moms at campout
For TAPS Parents and Guardians

In addition to all the great content we offer, each week we will provide you, the parent or guardian, with meal ideas that meet the weekly theme  and will provide table topic discussion questions to get the family engaged in great conversation.


Share Your Summer Adventures

We would also love to collect and share videos from you, as well as stories or how you are staying connected with TAPS! Maybe your Mentor is visiting you or you are participating in a TAPS activity, or doing something that you learned in a previous TAPS event. Each time you share, you will collect participation points that will earn you a prize from us!

More Information

For more information, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or email

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