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As a TAPS Friendsgiving host, you will work closely with the TAPS Togethers team to choose your event theme, location, date and time. Once the details are finalized, the TAPS Togethers team will advertise your TAPS Friendsgiving event to survivors in the local area, manage the event signup, and ensure everyone knows what they need to bring to contribute. As a host, on the day of your TAPS Friendsgiving event, you will ensure the event location is ready and will warmly greet guests upon arrival and thank guests for coming upon their departure. What happens in between is up to you! For more information, email us at tapstogethers@taps.org.


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To TAPS Care Groups and Online Community Facilitators, will this Friendsgiving replace your regular November meeting?

By typing my name in the box below, I understand my role as a host includes ensuring the event location is ready on the day of the TAPS Friendsgiving event, gathering names of survivors in attendance and following up with TAPS staff following the event.


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