Wherever You Are - TAPS is There

Whether sharing time over a cup of coffee, getting outdoors, attending a local event or service project, or sharing a therapeutic experience, TAPS Togethers are the local answer to the age-old question - is TAPS in my community?  The simple answer is yes!  

TAPS Togethers are one-day, organized, social events, led by TAPS Staff or a survivor like you, with the goal of expanding our peer support community. Powerful experiences, meaningful conversations, and growing in relationships with other military survivors encourages hope and healing. We draw both strength and inspiration from coming together.  


Survivors at TAPS Together event - Starbucks Meet and Greet
Survivors at TAPS Together event - Salute to Service Hockey Game
Survivors at TAPS Together event - Hope Project
Survivors at TAPS Together event - Houston Rodeo



If you would like to sponsor or donate a service to help us bring TAPS families together in your local community, please email us at tapstogethers@taps.org. We appreciate your support!


Thank you to our Sponsor

Thank you to Starbucks for hosting TAPS Together coffee hours across the country.


Support TAPS

If you are a supporter interested in sponsoring a TAPS program, please call 800-959-TAPS (8277) or email sponsor@taps.org.