TAPS Talks: The Smart thing and the Right thing are usually the Same thing ... strategies for navigating today's world

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Presented by the TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing®, this live connection with Robert J. Delaney, looks at strategies for navigating today's world.



Robert J. Delaney
Robert J. DelaneyRobert Delaney is a passionate leader with more than 25 years in professional sports and a background in training and mentoring on the unique brand of leadership, communication, resilience and diligence required in this demanding and inspiring field. Robert has an accomplished career as one of the NBA's highest-rated crew chiefs and founder of two schools/academies that train officials for high-integrity roles within the NBA, WNBA and college basketball. He has a former career as a New Jersey State Trooper that led to the conviction of more than 30 mafia criminals. Robert has been featured on HBO's Real Sports, ESPN, ABC and other media sources. Robert currently serves on the TAPS Advisory Board.


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This live connection is free and open to the public.


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