TAPS Events Mobile App

TAPS provides a mobile app for all national seminars. The TAPS Events app puts advance details about the seminar right in the palm of your hand. You can connect with fellow survivors and get logistic updates and reminders during the event. This interactive tool will allow you to share stories and experiences, engage with TAPS through our social networks and post pictures of your favorite TAPS family events and activities — all in one place.

IMPORTANT: TAPS has implemented an all new mobile event app for 2019. If you are attending the 25th Anniversary National Military Survivor Seminar, you may wish to delete any old versions of the app on your device and reload with the new TAPS Events app in the stores.


Event Mobile App Cover Screen Shot

How to Download the App

The app is available on iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play store by searching “TAPS Events" The app will move up in rankings as more people search for it, but if you don't see it at the top of your search results, just scroll down and look for TAPS Events. 

Security Verification & Access

The system has a two-step security verification, which requires an individual email and password for each adult user. The password is unique to each event and the first password you are assigned will be your password going forward regardless of how many future events you attend.  You will recieve your mobile app password via email before attending the your first TAPS seminar.

Survivors who did not provide an individual email at registration, presenters or special guests can request access to the app by completing this short access request form. For further assistance with the mobile app, contact appsupport@taps.org or visit the Help Desk on site at the event.

What’s my Username & Password

Your username is the email you used to register. If you previously downloaded the app for another event, you will continue to use the first password you were assigned. If you forgot your password, email appsupport@taps.org for assistance. 

Getting Started

Event Mobile App Screen Shot

Once you’ve downloaded the TAPS Event app, you’ll see a list of events for which you are registered and authorized to access. Select the seminar you are currently attending.  If you are a new app user, you will be prompted to enter your email and password to gain access to the event information. 

Setting Up Your Profile

You can immediately set up your profile (click top left corner), add a photo and link your social media accounts. Our social feeds for comments using #loveliveson, #gratefulnation and #tapsfam will pull directly into the mobile app and users can post from the app directly to their social media accounts.

App Support

For any questions or technical support before or during the event, please email appsupport@taps.org.