Healing Spaces

Please note this program is specifically designed for survivors grieving the death of a military loved one.

Where the grief journey takes us is a surprise, but TAPS Retreats turn that journey into an adventure.

TAPS Retreats take place over several days in a unique location and are often designed to bring together small groups of survivors who share similar losses to further build a sense of community.

Each TAPS Retreat includes physical and emotional movement, time for conversation and reflection, and unique travel experiences.

You’ll leave a TAPS Retreat with renewed confidence, a sense of triumph and lifelong friends.


Rope Course


Retreat Adventure Levels

Each retreat includes some type of physical activity, but the adventure level differs based on the location and population.


  • Light-intensity retreat
  • Low demand on physical exertion
  • Activity examples include: horseback riding, walking tours and yoga  


  • Intermediate-intensity retreat
  • Moderate physical exertion
  • Activity examples include: cross country skiing, kayaking and low-ropes courses


  • High-intensity retreat
  • Physically demanding and/or high-adrenaline adventure
  • Activity examples include: whitewater rafting, rappelling, trapeze and skydiving

Join us at a TAPS Retreat this year. If you're looking for other ways to connect with peers, TAPS offers a variety of programs for survivors.


If you are a supporter interested in sponsoring a TAPS program, please call 202-588-8277 or sponsor@taps.org.