Current Research Initiatives

TAPS provides care to grieving military family members using best practices in peer-based emotional support, principles upon which the organization was founded.

TAPS has been recognized by the Association of Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) with the Clinical Practice Award for its work in the field of thanatology. Receiving this award acknowledges the work of TAPS with expertise in clinical practice specific to dying, death, and bereavement as demonstrated by: honors, awards, reputation in the nominee's area of specialization, judgment by peers, supervisors, and/or administrators, and clients.

Listed below are the current research initiatives we are working on with our grief professional partners. We invite you to take any surveys listed below if applicable to your specific circumstance.

Military Family Bereavement Study (College of William & Mary)
For Surviving Parents of School-Aged Children Grieving the Loss of a Co-Parent

TAPS is partnering with the College of William & Mary to learn more about the individual needs of military families after the loss of their loved one. This study is specifically for surviving parents of school-aged children grieving the loss of a co-parent.

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Legacy Mentors: From Grief to Growth Study
For Military Survivors Who Graduated from TAPS Good Grief Camp and now Mentor Younger Survivors

The TAPS Research Team invites all TAPS Legacy Mentors to participate in a research study to explore the long-lasting effects of peer support. With an emphasis on the impact of peer support through your mentorship role, our team hopes to highlight the experience of Legacy Mentors (TAPS Good Grief Camp Graduates) and bereaved military children.

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Military Bereavement Study
For Survivors Grieving the Death of a Military or Veteran Loved One

TAPS invites all military survivors to share methods and self-care practices that have been helpful in coping with your grief. With a focus on coping patterns, we hope to gather a baseline understanding of and better inform our internal programming on how survivors cope.

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Financial Stressors And Suicide (RAND Corporation)
For Survivors Grieving the Loss by Suicide of a Military or Veteran Loved One

This is a study conducted by the RAND Corporation to understand the connection between financial distress and suicide. Their study is being funded by the Department of Defense (DoD), which helps ensure that their findings will be used to better understand and help prevent suicide in the military as well as inform the DoD on how to support families after losing a loved one to suicide. 

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Hope After Loss: Military Suicide Survivors
For Survivors Grieving the Loss by Suicide of a Military or Veteran Loved One

As part of our continued efforts to measure hope after loss, TAPS utilizes the Herth Hope Index alongside our National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar survey. This metric helps us quantify the impact of our programming.

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