TAPS Research and Publications

TAPS was founded on the principles of best practices in peer-based emotional support for bereaved survivors. Today, TAPS provides care to grieving military family members using these best practices.

TAPS has been recognized by the Association of Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) with the Clinical Practice Award for our work in the field of thanatology. Receiving this award acknowledges the work of TAPS with expertise in clinical practice specific to dying, death, and bereavement as demonstrated by: honors, awards, reputation in the nominee's area of specialization, judgment by peers, supervisors, and/or administrators, and clients.

Formal Research Projects: If you are a researcher or affiliated with a research institution and would like information on our methods to support your formal research project, please complete our formal research request form.


Publications on Peer Support for the Military Bereaved


TAPS works with grief professionals publishing a number of peer-reviewed publications.

For more information on our work, contact us at research@taps.org