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TAPS Peer Mentors have experienced a military loss, and understand your grief journey. They are volunteers who are prepared, trained and ready to be a source of companionship and understanding for you. They remember what those early days were like and now want to reach their heart out to you. You may not need your peer mentor for long. Or you may bond with your peer mentor for life. Whatever the needs of your grief journey, your peer mentor ensures you never feel alone.

“It could just be a sorrowed talk, but I will walk beside you; we will learn to survive from the day the fears come true and all the days that remain.” — Kelley


Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that everyone new to TAPS consider connecting with a peer mentor. We understand that grief is overwhelming, and your TAPS Peer Mentor will be a valuable resource to you in those early days of coping with the day to day grief. Many of our Peer Mentors were at one time mentees themselves and know firsthand the benefit of having a mentor to walk alongside you in your grief journey.

No - Peer Mentors are not clinically trained mental health professionals. They are, however, military survivors just like you, and understand the grief you are experiencing better than anyone else. Peer Mentors have completed TAPS Peer Mentor training and volunteer their time to connect and support other survivors who are grieving the loss of a military loved one.

The TAPS Peer Mentor Team strives to match you with a mentor whose grief and loss experience is similar to yours. Some considerations include relationship to the fallen hero (e.g. spouse, parent, sibling, adult child, etc.), manner of death, similar family structures, and other unique circumstances that may lend themselves to mutual understanding and support.


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You don’t have to walk this journey alone. There is someone ready to help and listen. Request your TAPS Peer Mentor connection.

For any questions, email or call 800-959-TAPS (8277).