A Place of Companionship

In grief's darkest hours, we ask ourselves the hard questions: What do we do now? What does this new life look like? Who are we without our loved ones? We wring the questions as though we're trying to squeeze out wisdom or answers; we twist and stretch them as we face the everyday realities of our loss.  

Although the path to peace and purpose is different for everyone, TAPS programs can be signposts — pointing the way toward comfort, camaraderie and companionship. Through our TAPS programs, we gather to heal, console and explore. And we start to answer those hard questions.

We gather at seminars for practical advice and sharing groups. We see new worlds on survivor experiences. Our young survivors grieve together, play together and learn to laugh again at Good Grief Camp. We meet others like us through online groups. On TAPS Togethers, we bring together small groups of survivors to build a sense of community through activities. We find opportunities to create healthy habits and bodies at Women's Empowerment events. We memorialize, celebrate and grow at family campouts. We rediscover traditions and memories through teams4taps. We create rich lives despite loss, knowing we carry our loved ones with us.

Every TAPS program is designed to help you feel companioned as you grieve, supported as you rebuild and united as we choose to hope.


TAPS Programs

TAPS Programs

If you’re here because our mission to care for the families of America’s fallen heroes speaks to you as well, we welcome you to connect with us about giving, volunteering, professional engagement or careers.