Report Your Peer Mentor Volunteer Hours

Peer Mentors are precious gifts to the TAPS family. The incredible support you give to our survivors is truly immeasurable. However, the volunteer hours you report can make a difference in so many ways, including showing donors the impact of our programs, services and resources, thus helping to secure needed funding to support the TAPS mission. Thank you for what you do to support other survivors and for submitting your volunteer hours for TAPS!

Submit your volunteer hours using the TAPS Portal. Select the "Manage Volunteer Hours" button found underneath your TAPS Portal profile and then select the "Request Volunteer Hours" link. In the field options, select as outlined below: 

  1. Volunteer Hours For: select "Peer Mentor"

  2. Date Volunteered: enter month, day and year of day you volunteered, if reporting total hours volunteered for the month in one entry, select the last day of the month, enter total hours, and note as such in the description section

  3. Category / Sub Category Combinations:

    • select "Community" and "Facilitator" for hours spent facilitating an in-person care group, an online group, or a TAPS Togethers event

    • select "Community" and "Mentored TAPS Mentee" for hours spent with your mentee and/or any other survivor who you provided 1 to 1 support at a TAPS event, online, phone, text, email, or in any other way

    • select "Community" and "Other" for hours spent in speaking engagements, table representations, or any other way you may have represented TAPS; enter a brief description when prompted to provide additional information

    • select "TAPS Events" and "Seminar Volunteer" for hours spent volunteering at a regional or national seminar

    • select "TAPS Events" and "TAPS Sports and Entertainment" for hours spent as a Peer Mentor volunteer at a Sports and Entertainment event

    • select "TAPS Training" and "Training – Classroom" or "Training - Online Course" or "Training – Other" for hours spent attending the type of training you selected

  4. Description of Work: enter a short description of volunteer work performed

  5. Hours Volunteered: enter a numeric value of hours for the day/month you volunteered

  6. Submit 

Return to “Manage Volunteer Hours” in the TAPS Portal to confirm your hours were submitted. The status will show "Pending" until approved by a member of the TAPS Peer Mentor team.

Email for assistance if needed.