Peer Mentor Volunteer Hours Report

Peer Mentors are precious gifts to the TAPS family. The rewards you give to our survivors are truly unmeasurable, however, these numbers can make a difference in so many other ways. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!  Please answer the questions below using your best estimates. 

Contact Hours with Survivors *
Fill in the estimated number of hours in conversations/connections you had with your mentee and/or any other survivor who you may have supported at a TAPS event, care group, online, phone, text, email, or in any other way.
Enter positive integers only. If no hours, enter 0.
Contact Hours with Non-Survivors *
Use this to include the number of hours spent in speaking engagements, table representations, TAPS Events, or any other way you may have represented TAPS.
Enter positive integers only. If no hours, enter 0.

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