TAPS Survivor Newsletter November 2023

Author: TAPS Media

TAPS Friendsgiving events are happening all over the country during November. Make plans to share a slice of pie and some quality time with fellow survivors near you. Whether you meet up for dessert and coffee, a fun outing, a traditional Thanksgiving meal, or you meet online, gratitude and community are the foundation of this month’s events. 

TAPS November Newsletter 2023, pumpkin centerpiece

In this issue:

  • Spend Friendsgiving with Your TAPS Family
  • Gillette and the NFL Salute Service and Sacrifice with TAPS
  • Even in Grief, We Are in Control of Our Attitudes
  • Healing at Recent TAPS Events
  • Upcoming In-Person and Online Connections
  • Host a TAPS Facebook Fundraiser

TAPS Survivor News
November 2023

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