TAPS Survivor Newsletter July 2023

Author: TAPS Media

We often think of the last months of the year when we think about "the holidays," but the patriotic summer holidays can also awaken or intensify grief-connected emotions after the loss of someone who served in the military. If you find yourself experiencing strong or unfamiliar emotions this Independence Day or on any day significant to you and the person you lost, remember: notice, hold, shift.

  • Notice: Name the feeling. Be honest with yourself.
  • Hold: Know how to hold your emotion. Experience it. Be where you are.
  • Shift: Know how to change your emotion. Activities and entertainment can interrupt your feelings.
  • Wait, and when you are ready, reset.


TAPS July Newsletter 2023, Memorial Hero Wall at the National Seminar

In this issue:

  • A Message from Bonnie Carroll for your Independence Day
  • File Your PACT Act Claim by August 9 to be Eligible for Retroactive Benefits
  • Notice, Hold, Shift
  • Godwinks: A Chance Meeting
  • TAPS Survivors Participate in several TAPS Events
  • Upcoming In-Person and Online Connections
  • TAPS on the Hill: Love Lives On Act of 2023
  • Giving Back, Paying Forward

TAPS Survivor News
July 2023

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