TAPS Survivor Newsletter July 2022

Author: TAPS Media

You are part of a network we call the TAPS family, and it's more than a label. At TAPS events, there are opportunities to be truly who you are, without masking the struggle. When we have the courage to engage with others in the TAPS family, we leave with a beautiful gift of connection that is difficult to anticipate before you experience it firsthand. We encourage you to find a place to take that chance - a seminar, a TAPS Togethers gathering, or a Sports & Entertainment event.

TAPS July Newsletter 2022, Survivors fishing

In this issue:

  • Host a TAPS Together Event
  • TAPS Togethers: National Park Fishing Days
  • Calling All Writers: We Want To Hear From You!
  • TAPS Has Launched The TAPS Portal
  • Upcoming In-Person and Online Connections
  • TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing ®

TAPS Survivor News
July 2022

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