Videos: 2020 Health and Wellness Sessions

Author: TAPS Media

While we are all facing these unexpected adjustments to our daily lives, one constant remains — the love and support of your TAPS family. That is why we’re bringing our survivor seminars right to you. These sessions on self-care are presented by leading experts in the field of grief and loss, and provide you tools for healing your mind, body and soul as you move forward in your grief journey. 


Presented by: Sharon Strouse

Artful Grief: Tapping into Creativity and Imagination - Sharon Strouse

Artful Grief is a creative and imaginative approach to self-care. It is grounded in the willingness to explore something new rather than your level of artistic ability.  In this session, art therapist and author, Sharon Strouse will introduce three simple creative modalities that are easily accessible, quieting and relaxing. Learn how magazines, scissors, glue, an array of household items, things collected from your backyard, and a printed circular image or mandala can open the door to self expression and playfully ease your way through these extraordinary times.   


Presented by: Rayanne Hunter

Introduction to Yoga - Benefits for Grieving and Stress Reduction – Rayanne Hunter
Yoga creates natural healing for body, mind, and soul. As we practice we can grow and evolve as people. In this workshop you will learn what yoga is, some of its history, and how it can help you through your grief journey. You’ll learn that yoga doesn’t have to be scary, how adaptable it can be for any body, and how it can complement other self-care practices. Bring all your yoga questions and fears to this workshop. We’ll explore them and broaden your understanding of yoga, building the foundation for your further exploration of this ancient healing practice.


Presented by: Heather Stang

4 Things You Can Do Right Now To Start Feeling Like Yourself Again - Heather Stang
Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated. It only takes a few minutes to stop the negative cycle of anxiety and stress — and boost your physical and mental health. In this workshop author Heather Stang will share four quick tips to help you relax, breathe, move, and sleep again. No matter how busy, overwhelmed, or exhausted you feel, you can start feeling better today. Join in to learn how to start feeling like yourself again - or even better than before!