TAPS Legacy and Military Mentors

During campouts, hiking adventures, regional seminars, and special events, TAPS Youth Programs provides mentoring for bereaved military children and teens through the legacy and military mentor program. That’s where you come in.



Become a Military Mentor »

A Military Mentor is someone who currently serves in the military or is a veteran, providing TAPS children with compassionate support and a reminder of the continuous care from their military community.

As a mentor, you will befriend a brave child at TAPS events, helping them connect with others who have faced similar losses and learn ways to honor their loved ones. Your time together might include engaging in art projects, playing fun games, tossing a ball, or cheering them on in relay races. This experience will create lasting memories for the children and give you a sense of pride in the meaningful difference you're making.

Legacy mentor and child

Become a Legacy Mentor »

A Legacy Mentor is a military survivor who has completed the Good Grief Camp and is now prepared to guide and support new, younger survivors on their grief journey.

In this role, you'll offer the valuable experience and understanding you've gained, helping children navigate their grief while connecting with others who have faced similar losses. You'll engage in familiar activities from Good Grief Camp, providing comfort and support to these children. As a Legacy Mentor, you not only continue your own healing journey but also keep the memory of your loved one alive by helping others.

Group Leader - Family Camp

Volunteer at Upcoming Events »

If you've previously volunteered as a Legacy or Military Mentor and are looking to participate in another event, simply visit our 'Calendar of Events' page, select your preferred upcoming event, and click the 'Register' link at the top of its page to sign up. We're excited to have you back!

As a Legacy or Military Mentor, we also welcome you to volunteer in other ways: hosting fundraisers, sharing your professional skills and talents, and more. Visit Volunteer with TAPS to view additional opportunities.


For questions about mentoring at Youth Programs events, call 800-959-TAPS (8277) or email mentors@taps.org.


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In our ongoing efforts to ensure all TAPS programs are meeting the needs of our survivors, mentors, and volunteers, TAPS has created a survey for our Military Mentor population! Please share your feedback on your Military Mentor experience.