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TAPS Magazine is dedicated to America's fallen heroes and their surviving families and friends. 

The magazine is published quarterly and sent free of charge to anyone interested in receiving it, including survivors, service members, supporters, and grief professionals. Subscribe to the TAPS Magazine.

The articles in each edition are written by military survivors, grief professionals and TAPS staff. We hope you inspiration, comfort, support, resources and a sense of belonging within these pages. 

Latest Magazine Articles


Compassion for All

The informal practice of loving kindness meditation can be as simple as looking someone in the eye and silently wishing them “may you be happy.”


Following in Dad’s Footsteps

My dad, Army Col. John McHugh, ran this path before me. His blistered feet and tired body pounded this same Nebraska pavement 16 years before mine had.


Making Memories at Mealtimes

TAPS was born around a kitchen table, when families grieving a military tragedy came together to comfort each other knowing they weren’t alone.


Real Men Do Cry

I’ve learned that surviving a grief that seems unfathomable is best done with other men with the courage to face their own brokenness.


The Choice to Grieve

Although TAPS didn’t make our grief go away, it continues to help us along in this journey.


Battlefield Promises

When his Iraqi interpreter’s move to the U.S. finally started to become a reality, Ed decided he would be the trusted voice in a strange land.