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Latest Magazine Articles


A New Role to Play

A Navy SEAL from 2002 to 2012 transitioning from military to civilian life, I was totally lost as to what to do next with my life.


Dare to Share

Telling our story, whether to educate, vent or simply recall the memory of our loved one, can make us vulnerable. We run the risk of being deeply hurt.


Book Review: The Four Agreements

Spiritual teacher Miguel Ruiz promotes healing and transformation through ancient wisdom of the Toltec culture, a people native to Central America.


Beyond the Burst of Support

It’s common for friends and family to reach out in a burst of support in a time of crisis. But then, things go back to “normal” for them.


Choosing Joy

I realized I needed to honor my son’s life. He was part of a historic elite – men and women who embody sacrifice, loyalty and service to country.


Extraordinary Lives, Many Thanks

On the eighth anniversary of Mark’s death, Afghan Ambassador to the United States invited TAPS surviving families to attend a dinner at the embassy.


The Journey Home

Mentoring other children who wear the red shirt I once wore and who fill the places I once filled is one of the greatest honors I have ever experienced.


Strong Footing Again

When we are overcome with sadness or grief, it can be difficult to continue the daily climb. How do we move through the grief?


Peace and Purpose

Knowing we are part of a family – albeit one we never wanted to join, but one we are so glad exists – is the foundation of our ability to find purpose.


Rich in love and food: Pozole Verde

Christian grew up surrounded by a family rich in both love and food. His grandfather learned to prepare traditional dishes, Pozole became a family tradition.


Showing up for Yourself

Just as the demands of grief call us to “show up” when we’d rather not, the tasks of life call us in a similar way.


You Deserve to Heal

You deserve to live and love fully again. You deserve to experience meaning for the rest of your days.


Grade Schoolers and Military Loss

Military families know resilience. But, for grade schoolers, when a loved one is lost in the military, there is an incredible amount of trauma.