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Latest Magazine Articles


Not the Funeral I Wanted

Dr. Doka offers suggestions to help make your memorial meaningful despite feeling empty after saying good-bye to a loved one during this pandemic.


Staying in Touch - Real Touch

Understand our need for physical touch and discover tips for feeding your touch starvation during this time of social distancing.


TAPS In Action

Your TAPS Policy Team is working for you! Stay informed and work with us to protect your earned survivor benefits. Contact us at


Grandma's Garden of Life

TAPS Outdoors Manager shares lessons learned from her grandmother and how even in her death she made life’s blooms brighter and fuller.


A Second Chance and a Family Healed

A TAPS survivor shares how going to the Montana Men's Retreat helped him take a burden from his shoulders and his heart as well as heal his family.


Good vs. Bad Pain

Pain can be a valuable teacher. But as much as we may learn from it, we may also feel compelled to avoid it.


20 Years of TEAM TAPS

This twenty-year journey is a story filled with passion, determination, reverence, love and a happenstance or two thrown in along the way.