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The Young Adult Program, for 18 to 30-year-old military surviving children and siblings, was built on a foundation of asking teenagers and young adults 'what do you need?' and 'how can we help?' The 5 Pillars of the Young Adult Program were founded on the answers received in teen and young adult groups at regional and national seminars, when given the opportunity to 'ask anything'. An anonymous box, a stack of post-its, and a sign that read 'ask anything' would be opened at the end of the seminar events. Within this safe space to ask any questions; they were answered by peers, group leaders, and professionals within the grief space.

We want to continue with this tradition here, and give a safe space for questions about death, loss, grief, life, and all of those in-between moments. The 5 Pillars currently are Personal Development, Financial Stability, Communications, Career Guidance, and Service to Others.

Questions dropped here will be answered to you personally, and perhaps answered with a virtual chat or webinar if the answer applies to a broader audience.

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