TAPS Shared Studios Portal connecting the world

TAPS is excited to introduce the Shared Studios portal at TAPS Headquarters, the first global portal in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The TAPS Shared Studio is a place where high technology cameras and connections create a global community. We virtually connect as if in the same room with people formerly separated by distance and difference, culture and tradition.



Our Mission

Memorial Wall with words - Heroes Never Die

Foster Hope and Healing

There are sacrifices made every day in defense of freedom around the world.

Little Afghan boy crying in war zone

Bring Stability and Security

There are families left behind, and widows and orphans struggling to survive.

Bonnie Carroll and Erin Jacobson view country side destroyed by war

Engage the Global Community

Grief is universal and TAPS unites those who mourn worldwide in an effort to heal.

International Military Survivors Group photo

Triumph over Terrorism

We must raise our voices in triumph over terrorism.



Group photo of International Survivors

Create a Global Community

Our goal at TAPS International is to share best practices in peer based emotional support programs; to bring the surviving families of coalition partners who served together and died together into an international network of support; to strengthen an understanding between cultures of coalition partners that grief is universal; and to give surviving families a voice in creating stable societies, thereby continuing the mission their loved one died for.

From organizing annual global working group gatherings, leading hope & healing expeditions to communities experiencing traumatic loss, localizing opportunities for meaningful employment of widows, and creating new content that speaks to the universality of the grief experience, TAPS convenes the world's citizens within the shared values of family and community.

TAPS International Global Operations