Stronger Every Day

Grief takes a toll on the body, not just the spirit. Physical changes can magnify the feelings of not recognizing ourselves or our lives anymore. Mental changes such as being unable to concentrate, forgetfulness and changes in mood can be upsetting and make us wonder just how much of ourselves is being taken by grief.

The TAPS Inner Warrior Program addresses health and wellness for survivors. We believe that knowledge, practical tools and radical self-care are the foundation for handling grief and loss. Our focus is on helping you be as healthy as you can, so you can use the tools of your own mind and body to support and guide your grief. We will help you take care of your hero’s most important thing — you.


Inner Warrior Ragner Relay


By participating in TAPS Inner Warrior Wellness Weekends and special endurance events, we’ll learn to fight for the lives our loved ones wanted for us: lives of purpose, meaning, joy and health. We’ll create a community of support, accountability and inspiration to carry us forward once the event ends.

The TAPS Inner Warrior Program asks you to find and connect with the part of you that’s committed not just to surviving, but thriving. We’ll build strength, resolve and courage for daily life and exceptional adventures.

Sometimes we need to summon our inner warrior to make it through the day, and some days that inner warrior will drive us a little further. Wherever you are in your grief journey, the TAPS Inner Warrior Program can help you become the best possible living legacies.

If you're looking for other ways to connect with peers, TAPS offers a variety of programs for survivors.


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