Home for the Holidays

Bonnie Carroll

To Our TAPS Family,

As we move into the holiday season and approach the end of this difficult year, always remember you have your TAPS Family to lean on.

TAPS is your home for the holidays, your soft landing and safe space, an organization created to help you remember the love, celebrate the life and share the journey together.

We are here for you now and always, and we hope you will join us with a cup of warm cocoa and a cozy blanket, for our virtual programs at the TAPS Institute for Hope and Healing, our TAPS Care Groups, our TAPS Togethers and all the ways we come together. Remember also to reach out to your TAPS Peer Mentor or call our TAPS National Military Survivor Helpline, there for you 24/7. Support, encouragement, and love are always close by.

Whether this is your first holiday without your loved one, or it has been many years, we remember and honor the precious life lived. We cherish traditions and create new memories of those we love, and we take time to quietly honor the gifts they have given us.

Together we have come through a challenging time. We have done what families do - support and care for each other. We have shared the gifts of hope and kindness with each other, we have told our loved one's stories, and in that sharing we have found strength and comfort.

With love and hope,

Bonnie Carroll
TAPS President and Founder


Holiday Faces of TAPS

Christmas stocking and folded flag

First Christmas

"The first Christmas after my dad's death, my mom put up stockings for only her, my brother, and me..."  - See more on TAPS Facebook

Christmas tree

First Christmas Tree

"I honor all those who are grieving the loss of a loved one and ... the precious memories shared with me by my TAPS family..." - See more on TAPS Facebook

Emmy and her daddy doll

Final Gift

"When the package of presents finally arrived, only one of the gifts inside mattered; the daddy doll..." - See more on TAPS Facebook


Stories of Love

"I don't really have memories of my dad. He died in the war after Christmas when I was a baby..." - See more on TAPS Facebook


Navigating the Holidays


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