TAPS can help connect you to grief counseling, grief support groups, and resources right in your community. We rely on a large network of strong community partners, and we are confident we can connect you with resources specific to your needs. Each resource has been verified and actively supports the TAPS mission. We do careful research and compile resources with love and care.


Grief Counseling and Care in Your Community

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling »

The right grief counselor who understands grief and trauma can help you discover strengths, develop your own coping skills, and help you work through questions, changes in relationships, and secondary losses.

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Intensive Treatment »

If you have found yourself leaning on drugs or alcohol to help you deal with the loss of your loved one, or are unable to live in a manner you feel is productive, let us help connect you directly to our community partners.

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Community Based Report »

Receive information about grief resources in your community such as bereavement groups, parenting support, community organizations and more. We do careful research and compile these reports with love and care.

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Find a Care Group  »

Co-hosted by a volunteer TAPS Peer Mentor and/or a volunteer mental health professional in a location near you, this is a time for non-structured time to talk, opportunities to listen, and the precious feeling of knowing we are not alone.

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