Join Us at the TAPS Honor Guard Gala

Join Us at the TAPS Honor Guard Gala

The TAPS Honor Guard Gala recognizes and honors our military, U.S. government contractors and civilians lost in service to America and the families they have left behind.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021
National Building Museum
440 G Street, NW
Washington, D.C.
6:00 p.m. Reception | 7:00 p.m. Dinner and Program

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Black Tie (optional) or equivalent military dress.
Complimentary valet parking available.
For more information, call (202) 588-TAPS (8277) or email

The lives of those we love, remember and honor are careved into our souls, imprinted on our hearts and woven into the fabric of our nation. They make us stronger, they inspire us, and in the way, they are eternal - quote Bonnie Carroll



Nathaniel Lee

TAPS Senator
Ted Stevens
Leadership Award

Presented to
Nathaniel Lee, USSF


Melissa Simpson

TAPS Millitary
Mentor of
the Year Award

Presented to
Master Sergeant
Melissa Simpson, USAF (Ret.)


It's about the ability of something small having an enormous impact - that's what TAPS Does one person at a time. - General Martin Dempsey

TAPS Ambassadors

Hollyanne Milley
Spouse of
General Mark Milley, USA

Laura Hyten
Spouse of
General John Hyten, USAF

Linda Gilday
Spouse of
Admiral Mike Gilday, USN

Donna Berger
Spouse of
General David Berger, USMC

Sharene Brown
Spouse of
General C.Q. Brown, USAF

Mollie Raymond
Spouse of
General Jay Raymond, USSF

Dawn Schultz
Spouse of
Admiral Karl Schultz, USCG

Kelly Hokanson
Spouse of
General Daniel Hokanson, USA

Alexandra Grinston
Spouse of
SMA Michael Grinston, USA

Sally Lengyel
Spouse of
General Joseph Lengyel, USAF (Ret.)

Ruth Lescher
Spouse of
Admiral Bill Lescher, USN

Leann Martin
Spouse of
General Joe Martin, USA

Deborah Mullen
TAPS Ambassador Committee

Donna Ray
Spouse of
Admiral Charles Ray, USCG

Rachel Rush
Spouse of
CMS Roger Towberman, USSF

Karin Sasseville
Spouse of
LT GEN Marc Sasseville, USAF

Catherine Thomas
Spouse of
General Gary Thomas, USMC

Mary Thompson
Spouse of
General David Thompson, USSF

Amy Vanderhaden
Spouse of
MCPOCG Jason Vanderhaden, USCG