Frequently Asked Questions

The Love Work Virtual Women's Empowerment Retreat
August 11 - September 12, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

The Love Work Virtual Women's Empowerment Retreat
August 11 - September 12, 2020

Surviving women at Empowerment retreat

If I’ve already attended an in-person event, can I still attend?

Yes. We are opening this new curriculum to all TAPS surviving women.

If I attend this retreat, can I still attend another retreat?

Yes, on two conditions: 1) you meet all the registration guidelines, and 2) that you have contributed to your journey and the journeys of others by following through on your intentions to participate with courage and compassion.

If I haven’t ever attended a retreat, am I eligible for this one?

Please check and make sure this is the right program for you - that it’s the right cohort (depending on time since loss, etc.) and that it fits your schedule. If you’re a yes to both, start filling out that statement of intention, sister! This will not impact your eligibility for future in-person retreats.

Um, you know it isn’t really a “retreat” if we’re actually still at home, right?

We’re all sitting in our emotional messes - we know it’s extra hard to be also surrounded by noise, distractions, and maybe even actual mess. But we believe this is what makes it all the more powerful - you’ll be learning how to integrate what you’re learning with your daily life. You’ll stretch yourself emotionally without having to stress about airports, childcare, or strange food (you know you so). You’ll be in your comfort zone in one aspect, so you’ll be able to step out of it safely and powerfully in another.

How is the retreat framework transitioning to Zoom? How are you making it feel special and important?

Almost all of the important tenets of Women’s Empowerment programming translate some way to virtual retreats.

  • Time to allow emotions: We know that oftentimes the most important step of the healing and growth process of a Women’s Empowerment retreat is the first one of saying yes. Yes to choosing ourselves, yes to taking time to grow, yes to being vulnerable and telling our stories, yes to be uncomfortable and yes to allowing things to shift, even a little bit to feel better, brighter and more whole. During the retreat, we will introduce a concept, explore it, and revisit it later to check in.  Often the real work is done when you’re thinking through what’s been discussed, how you feel, and what might apply to you. At home, you’ll be able to take the mirror and hold it up to life between sessions, as you’re able, as gently and honestly as you need to.
  • The TAPS magic: although the format will be different than our in-person retreats, we will still be bringing the thoughtful care and helpful tools for healing that you have come to know at TAPS.  We will be providing space for this time where - although our world may be different - the opportunity to build a sisterhood, gain coping skills, and heal from the past will all be there.
  • Time away: Our goal has been to provide dedicated time away without distractions. Honestly, as we’ve become more and more attached to our phones, this has become harder and harder to provide even when we’re hosting you at once in a lifetime retreat destinations. We all are learning to confront our tech tendencies, to challenge our addictions, and how to carve out time to just be. You’ll be required to make this space for yourself even in the midst of your busy life. This is the kind of skill-building that will give you clarity and confidence. We’ll use these unique circumstances to set better boundaries and follow through on priorities.
  • New perspectives (when literally, my house is a prison):  Ha, we KNOW! We’re going to ask you to get creative, to find time and space that’s just for you. It may require you to get childcare. It may require you to turn down a hot video chat or decline a car parade. But learning to prioritize and routinize your own commitment to yourself is part of the process just like it is for week-long adventures. Time and space for you exists. We’ll help you find it and explore it - you’ll learn how to create little sanctuaries everywhere.
  • Buy-in: for physical retreats, we know you’re committed when we see the travel itineraries and reassure you that you can check in on your dog sitters and human sitters. Your commitment to virtual retreat will need to be no different. What’s awesome is that we’ll include a plan for engaging your supporters (even if they aren’t driving you to the airport). We have a framework for stating your intention with the people in your life who can distract you - or inspire you!