Discover Your Purpose After Loss

The pain of loss ushers in hard questions. Why are we here? What is our purpose? The richness of life and the hollowness of grief can stir a sense of mission, but often this may be difficult to define.

TAPS Empowerment programming helps us incorporate concepts of identity and spirituality into transformative goal-setting. We’ll walk you through the process of answering those tough questions so you can live mindfully and move confidently into the life you’ve imagined. You’ll also be provided with tools to help you act on those goals.


TAPS Survivors at an Event


Empowerment Workshops at Survivor Seminars

You can join our Empowerment programming at TAPS Survivor Seminars, where workshops like “Tools for Transformation,” art projects and mindfulness sessions bring us together to think about what we want to change and how we might do so.

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TAPS Empowerment Weeks of Renewal 

Survivors more than two years from their loss can join us as we explore identity, purpose and direction at a Week of Renewal.   

We will look at how the past has shaped us, where we are now and establish a framework for where we want to go as we move toward a life of joy and healing. Through art, journaling, mindfulness and movement, we'll create and connect the visions of our lives, tapping into the goals we've always wanted — or goals we want now.

TAPS also offers Women's Weeks of Renewal, tailored to women who want to reclaim and reinvent their lives. You'll leave with a vision, a plan and a sisterhood.

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Online Community Women Video Chat

This chat session held every other month is open to anyone wrestling with questions of identity and purpose after loss. You can join this safe, supportive online environment via webcam or on the phone.

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