Discover Purpose and Community After Loss

Please note this program is specifically designed for survivors grieving the death of a military loved one.

The pain of loss often ushers in hard questions about identity and purpose. As we work to integrate loss into our lives, we must also redefine who we are.

These are big things to hold, but we’ve got you. Can connections with other surviving women help comfort you in your grief? Yes. Can a supportive sisterhood improve your life? Yes. Our vibrant, compassionate community of surviving women is a place of support and inspiration, where we treasure opportunities to be each other’s teachers, confidantes, cheerleaders, and friends.

The TAPS Women’s Empowerment program uses both in-person and online events to bring surviving women together. When we gather in person, the effect is magical, and we cherish our time together. We also know, however, that distance doesn’t silence the heart of our sisterhood - and so we’re also just a few clicks away with online offerings.

We invite you to learn more about our community by looking into the offerings below.


TAPS Survivors at an Event


TAPS Women's Empowerment Retreats

Survivors more than three years from their military loss are invited to join us as we explore identity, purpose and direction at a Women’s Empowerment Retreat. 

Over the course of four days at a beautiful retreat center, survivors will turn inward to themselves and outward towards nature and each other. During workshop sessions, we’ll consider how the past shapes us and how our experiences of the present can empower us. Through art, journaling, mindfulness, and movement, we'll create and connect the visions of our lives, building capacity to listen to what we know and to build the lives we want.

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TAPS Women's Empowerment Summit

We’re excited to apply the principles of our Women’s Empowerment retreat  curriculum on a larger scale. Join us for the first ever Women’s Empowerment Summit - an experience that will create community, offer tools for transformation, and deepen your own understanding of what it means to heal, hope, and move bravely onward.

September 19 to 23
Women's Empowerment Summit


Health Guidelines for In-Person Events

In accordance with the most current information available, as of May 1, 2022, TAPS lifted the requirement to provide proof of full vaccination to attend in-person events. We will continue to monitor COVID variants and we may adjust protocols to ensure safe and healthy gatherings. These adjustments could once again include requiring proof of full vaccination and/or a negative COVID test.


Women's Empowerment Online Offerings

The TAPS Women’s Empowerment Program includes a vibrant online component. Whether it’s at virtual retreats or workshop series to weekly or monthly sharing circles, creative sessions, and meditation and movement offerings, we support each other as we explore ways to grieve with courage and to live with intention. 

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