Discover Purpose and Community After Loss

Please note this program is specifically designed for survivors grieving the death of a military loved one.

The pain of loss often ushers in hard questions about identity and purpose. As we work to integrate loss into our lives, we must also redefine who we are.

These are big things to hold, but we’ve got you. Can connections with other surviving women help comfort you in your grief? Yes. Can a supportive sisterhood improve your life? Yes. Our vibrant, compassionate community of surviving women is a place of support and inspiration, where we treasure opportunities to be each other’s teachers, confidantes, cheerleaders, and friends.

The TAPS Women’s Empowerment program uses both in-person and virtual events to bring surviving women together. When we gather in person, the effect is magical, and we cherish our time together. We also know, however, that distance doesn’t silence the heart of our sisterhood - and so we’re also just a few clicks away with virtual offerings.

We invite you to learn more about our community by looking into the offerings below.


TAPS Survivors at an Event


Women's Empowerment Virtual Offerings

Each Women's Empowerment Circle will be a safe space where we can listen, learn, express ourselves, and remind ourselves that no matter where we are, there's a place we can call home.

These video chat sessions are held every weekday and are open to any TAPS woman wrestling with questions of identity and purpose after loss. You can join this safe, supportive online environment via webcam or on the phone.

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TAPS Women's Empowerment Virtual Retreats

After the death of a loved one, we may feel overwhelmed, disoriented, and alone. We are forced to find a new path, and doing so can feel frightening and exhausting.

For those new to grief, we’ll explore coping skills, share resources, and learn how grief affects body and mind. There will also be plenty of time for laughter, reflection, and sharing peaceful moments within a beautiful retreat center.  This will be a time to allow yourself the freedom to grieve and to heal - and also to share the experience with other women.

For those farther along the grief journey, we will look at how the past has shaped us, consider where we are now, and establish a framework for where we want to go as we move toward lives of joy and healing. Through art, journaling, mindfulness, and movement, we'll create and connect the visions of our lives, tapping into what we've always wanted — or things we want now.

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