State Survivor Benefits For Arkansas

Military Dependents Scholarship


  • Biological children and unremarried spouses
  • Children must complete prior to 26th birthday,
  • Service member must have died while on active duty , not necessarily combat related, or from a service related injury or disability (including PTSD)
  • Service member must been an Arkansas resident at time of entry into service or an Arkansas resident for at least 6 months prior to death; student must be an Arkansas resident
  • Must be used simultaneously with federal benefits


  • Covers any unpaid portion of tuition, fees, room, board and meal plan not covered by DEA or chapter 35, if there is no positive balance then no benefits will be paid
  • Eligibility is limited to 8 semesters or undergraduate degree, whichever is achieved first
  • Must be used at an Arkansas state funded postsecondary institution


  • Copy of DD1300 or DD214
  • Service members death certificate
  • Proof of acceptance into chapter 35 benefits
  • Copy of birth certificate for students
  • Copy of marriage license for spouses

Application due date: June 1st

Contact for further information: Chris Wilson- or June Morgan- (501) 371- 2058

Download application:

Note: This information is current as of September 16, 2014. The information provided is meant to provide a general overview of the state benefits and should be considered in connection with individual circumstances.