Know Your Education Benefits

Please note this program is specifically designed for survivors grieving the death of a military loved one.

While you move through your grief, it is common to experience a shift in occupational desires or goals. As a result, you may choose to make some changes which set you up for the life you want to live. If one of your new goals includes pursuing education, TAPS Education Support Services is here to help.

TAPS Education Support Services serves as a guide to scholarship information and benefits resources for military survivors. Our education support coordinators can help explain benefits, work with you to align resources and education goals, provide talking points to schools, colleges, and universities, and help you go confidently into the next phase of your life.

Your education is part of your loved one’s legacy for you and we want you to grow into it with as much peace of mind as possible.

To request education assistance, please call 800-959-TAPS (8277) or email


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Ways to Fund Your Education

There are hundreds of millions of dollars in scholarship funds available; each scholarship has its own eligibility and selection criteria. TAPS doesn’t influence the selection process for scholarships, but we’re honored to help you prepare.

Scholarship Search Tool

Use our scholarship search tool to see what scholarships and grants you may be eligible for.

Federal Benefits

You can also request a free copy of the TAPS Education Support Services Quick Series Guide by emailing


TAPS Resource Guide

TAPS Resource Guide, available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, serves as a guide to educational resources for military survivors. Access information and resources on comparing and choosing the perfect school for you. Complete checklists of tips and suggestions to prepare you for your post-secondary education and the admission process. View our archived video library of webinars from our Education Support Coordinators at your convenience. Find education benefits and scholarships available to you through our Intake Form, which connects you to Education Support Coordinators who can help explain benefits and work with you to align resources and education goals.

Download the app to begin your post-secondary education journey alongside TAPS Education Support Services today.

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