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Just as each of our loved ones is unique, so is every surviving military family’s situation. TAPS Casework strives diligently to align with partners and third-party resources to address each individual need. We have close relationships with government agencies and service branches to help resolve issues, such as burials, benefits, records and more. Additionally, we have a network of third-party organizations we consult regularly on issues, such as healthcare, financial hardships, credit counseling and civil legal issues.

TAPS Casework addresses the immediate needs through compassionate and responsive support to put survivors on the path to long-term stability and self-sufficiency.


Casework Assistance

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Request Casework Assistance »

If you are a miltary survivor and need help resolving issues on burial, managing benefits, records and other paperwork, submit a casework request. TAPS will connect you with resources unqiue to your individual need.

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PACT Act Resources »

Veterans exposed to burn pits, toxins, and airborne hazards while deployed are now provided lifelong access to Department of Veterans Affairs health care and critical benefits, to include benefits and support for their survivors.

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Additional Resources »

Get a list of websites on survivor benefits, grief support, funeral resources provided by Department of Defense and other agencies that support families of fallen servicemembers and veterans.


For more information, please call 800-959-TAPS (8277) or email casework@taps.org.


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