Local Survivor Support

Please note this program is specifically designed for survivors grieving the death of a military loved one.

TAPS Care Groups bring the feel of TAPS into your community. TAPS Care Groups are available across the country for surviving military family members, friends and loved ones who want and need the friendly, informal support of the TAPS family in between larger events.

These local survivor support groups provide emotional support and camaraderie for military survivors. Lasting relationships can be built on common threads. Local survivor support groups are encouraging and enlightening. Many find they learn new coping skills and stress-relieving strategies by talking to others who can relate.

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While each meeting is co-hosted by a volunteer TAPS Peer Mentor and/or a volunteer mental health professional, there is no guided, structured therapy. Instead, we offer the most therapeutic thing we can imagine — time to talk, opportunities to listen, and the precious feeling of knowing we are not alone. Each group meets regularly at a safe, easy-to-find location with parking.

If you are grieving the death of a loved one in service to America, you will be warmly welcomed — regardless of the circumstances of the death, your relationship to the deceased, military service branch, or where the death occurred. There is no charge for attending TAPS Care Groups; all we ask is that you respect the rules of the group and let us help you find hope and healing wherever you are.


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If you're looking for other ways to connect with peers, TAPS offers a variety of programs for survivors.



TAPS Care Groups meet monthly across the country anywhere there are TAPS survivors who want to come together in their own community. Co-facilitated with a TAPS Peer Mentor, care groups include informal sharing and activities and are guided by our Community Based Care Team. If you would like to support a care group in your community, email caregroups@taps.org.


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If you are a supporter interested in sponsoring a TAPS program, please call 202-588-8277 or sponsor@taps.org.