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Meet our Survivor Story Blog Authors:
LInda and Phil (photo for blog)  
Today on the TAPS blog, surviving spouse Linda Ambard shares how she searched for a reason to celebrate the holidays this year.  More »  All »
Bob Bagosy  
My name is Bob Bagosy, I've been asked to write a monthly blog for TAPS from a man's point of view if you will! I'm just a Dad not a professional writer so what I write will be from my heart.  More »  All »
Bunny and son  
It has been five years since Bunnie Jacquay's son, Cody, died in Iraq.  More »  All »
Alice Daniel  
On July 14, 1976, I was blessed with my first born, William Austin Daniel.  More »  All »
American Flag  
I am Michele.  And I am a survivor.  My story mirrors that of every other TAPS survivor. Someone I love died, and I'm writing my way through the grief and tears in the hope that healing sneaks its way in.  More »  All »
Shannette Booker  
On 19 August 2011, I lost the love of my life, my soul mate, best friend,and partner in life via self-inflicted injuries.  More »  All »
Su Wan Ko  
At one point in my life I thought a year was a long time,and in some ways I still agree with that, but at the same time, it often feels like I blink and another year has gone by.  More »  All »
Rachael Hill  
The year following my husband’s death was undoubtedly the most difficult year I have ever had to deal with.  More »  All »
Jon and Liz Graduation  
Writing has always been my passion. It stirs my emotions and allows me to express myself more adequately than any other way.   More »  All »
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