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TAPS Online Community - Blog
Meet our Survivor Story Blog Authors:
Terry and Brandon  
Today on the TAPS Blog, surviving father Terry Meyer shares how his Father's Days have changed since his son's death and how he is looking forward to this year's special day for dads.  More »  All »
Huey - blog post  
Today on the TAPS Blog, surviving spouse Sarah Greene talks about vacations after the death of a loved one.  More »  All »
Peggy's picture  
Today on the TAPS Blog, surviving mother Peggy Scallorn speaks about the life her dear son Cody lived.  More »  All »
Linda and Phil - Holidays  
Today on the TAPS blog, surviving spouse Linda Ambard shares how she searched for a reason to celebrate the holidays this year.  More »  All »
Bob Bagosy  
My name is Bob Bagosy, I've been asked to write a monthly blog for TAPS from a man's point of view if you will! I'm just a Dad not a professional writer so what I write will be from my heart.  More »  All »
Bunny and her son  
It has been five years since Bunnie Jacquay's son, Cody, died in Iraq.  More »  All »
Alice Daniel  
On July 14, 1976, I was blessed with my first born, William Austin Daniel.  More »  All »
American Flag  
I am Michele.  And I am a survivor.  My story mirrors that of every other TAPS survivor. Someone I love died, and I'm writing my way through the grief and tears in the hope that healing sneaks its way in.  More »  All »
Shannette Booker  
On 19 August 2011, I lost the love of my life, my soul mate, best friend,and partner in life via self-inflicted injuries.  More »  All »
Su Wan Ko  
At one point in my life I thought a year was a long time,and in some ways I still agree with that, but at the same time, it often feels like I blink and another year has gone by.  More »  All »
Rachael Hill  
The year following my husband’s death was undoubtedly the most difficult year I have ever had to deal with.  More »  All »
Jon and Liz Graduation  
Writing has always been my passion. It stirs my emotions and allows me to express myself more adequately than any other way.   More »  All »

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