Mentor Fellow Survivors

TAPS Peer Mentors are survivors ready to be a companion in another's grief journey. Peer mentors often find that helping others is an effective way to continue their own healing. A TAPS Peer Mentor has the ability, time, and compassion to open his or her heart to a bereaved person.


Frequently Asked Questions

You may be ready to become a peer mentor if you are:

  • an adult survivor at least 18 months beyond the loss of your own loved one.
  • ready to be a good listener for others who are grieving.
  • able to manage your own grief while comforting others whose grief may be fresh.
  • wanting to create more meaning from your own loss and experience the mutual benefits of peer mentoring.

TAPS offers two ways to receive Peer Mentor training:

  • Online training using Zoom, a video conferencing tool
  • In-person classroom training at our National and Regional seminars

Both training options feature four hours of content to prepare you with helping tools you will need to effectively navigate the Peer Mentor relationship. After training, the Peer Mentor Program staff will connect with you to explore how you can best connect to support others as a Peer Mentor.

See the TAPS calendar of events for dates and times for online and in-person options.


Peer Mentors at  Seminar




The Peer Mentor Program offers an opportunity to create additional meaning and purpose from our loss. Apply now to become a TAPS Peer Mentor.

For any questions, email or call 800-959-TAPS (8277).


Peer Mentor Resources

Peer Mentor Classroom
Training Resources and Development

To support your mentoring efforts, we offer a library of resources of past training and development sessions.

taps suicide postvention model
Webinar Training

Expand your Peer Mentor skills with our video library of practical strategies on coping with grief and loss.

survivors embrace
Peer Mentoring Stories

Read inspiring stories of hope and healing from other TAPS Peer Mentors who have supported others.