Mentor Fellow Survivors

You’ve been through the early days of grief and remember how lost and lonely they can be and how connecting to others through TAPS helped you. You remember when another reached out a hand to you to share the journey. Now, you may be ready to help someone else feeling alone after the death of their loved one. Becoming a peer mentor is the next step for many in TAPS.

TAPS Peer Mentors are survivors ready to be a companion in another’s grief journey. Peer mentors often find that helping others is an effective way to continue their own healing. A TAPS Peer Mentor has the ability, time, and compassion to open his or her heart to a newly bereaved person.  


Peer Mentors at National Suicide Seminar


You’re ready to become a peer mentor if:

  • You’re an adult survivor at least 18 months beyond the loss of your own loved one
  • You’re ready to listen to someone else’s grief story
  • You’re able to focus on your mentee when helping them. This means you need to be able to separate your own grief while comforting someone deep in their grief.TAPS Peer Mentor training can help you establish that boundary.
  • You’re able to take care of yourself, too, and meet the needs of your own household before being able to meet the needs of another

If you meet these requirements, you can give another survivor the gift of hope, a safe place to share and the validation of his or her feelings and experiences.

How to become a peer mentor:

  1. Complete a peer mentor application
  2. Complete a written online training module and exam
  3. Attend a peer mentor training either online or in person

The TAPS Peer Mentor Program staff review all applications. Once this review is complete, you will get an email with information about the online training module, exam and classroom training.


Peer Mentor Training

TAPS offers two training options: an interactive, web-based training and an in-person classroom training offered at our seminars. Both trainings feature the same information and are about four hours.

Once you have completed your training, you’ll be given a post-training assessment at which time you will discuss with TAPS staff your readiness to actively start peer mentoring.

Web-based Training

The web-based training is conducted through Zoom, a video conferencing tool where you will participate in a live discussion with TAPS staff and other survivors taking the training. This forum allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home and choose from multiple dates that suit your schedule. You need to have reliable Internet connection, a webcam and microphone in your computer, and be comfortable using technology.

If you aren’t able to attend one of the scheduled web-based trainings, email and we can work with you to find a time that will fit your schedule.


In-person Classroom Training

If you prefer learning in a more traditional setting, TAPS offers in-person classroom trainings. You can complete the four-hour classroom training at any TAPS Regional Seminars or our TAPS National Seminars.

Apply to become a peer mentor

TAPS Peer Mentors are the foundation of our mission. We are grateful you are willing to be part of that mission to help others. Apply now by completing an application

For questions, contact us at 800-959-TAPS (8277) or at