Contributions by Stephanie Frogge

Pets and Grief: Can Our Animals Help Us Heal After Loss?

Pets not only provide companionship, but have positive physical and psychological impacts on our healing from grief.

7/10/2024 - Stephanie Frogge
Expressing Your Grief: Healing Through Writing

Scientific evidence suggests a link between therapeutic writing and the successful management of traumatic experiences. Read tips to get started.

5/15/2022 - Stephanie Frogge
Volunteering as an Act of Healing

For some bereaved, volunteering is a valued component of the healing journey and provides physical and mental health, social and financial benefits.

4/19/2021 - Stephanie Frogge
The Year of "Firsts"

TAPS survivors who know first-hand what it’s like share ideas for managing the holidays in the midst of acute grief.

11/27/2019 - Stephanie Frogge
Selecting a Grief Counselor

Finding a mental health professional takes some work. This guide may help.

11/28/2018 - Stephanie Frogge
Dare to Share

Telling our story, whether to educate, vent or simply recall the memory of our loved one, can make us vulnerable. We run the risk of being deeply hurt.

10/16/2017 - Stephanie Frogge
The Myth of Divorce Following the Death of a Child

Survivor mom, Betsy Beard shares the "normal" part of the fog of grief and how to deal with it in a positive light so you can eventually move on.

3/1/2015 - Stephanie Frogge
Now I’m Older

Both siblings began experiencing problems when they reached the age their sibling had been when he died.

9/21/2014 - Stephanie Frogge
You’re Not Going Crazy…

The pain of loss is in direct correlation with the love we feel. The more we love, the more keenly we feel the absence of that which we love.

3/21/2013 - Stephanie Frogge
Expressing Your Grief

Keeping a diary or writing a letter that no one but you will ever read can have a significant positive impact on the healing journey.

3/21/2012 - Stephanie Frogge
Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law

The pain effectively keeps us focused on ourselves and the unique relationship we had with the person who is now gone forever from our earthly lives.

3/21/2008 - Stephanie Frogge