Contributions by Rachel Kodanaz

Video: Engaging Empathy in the Workplace - A Guide for Grievers

Video recording of ways to advocate for yourself in the workplace after a brief absence, a long absence, or for the first time following a loss.

4/18/2023 - Rachel Kodanaz
Video: Back to School, Back to Work: Returning to Routine when Nothing is Routine

Video discussion on how to find continuity between “what was” and what is by creating a new “everyday” that works for you and your family.

9/7/2022 - Rachel Kodanaz
Video: Finding Your Voice Through Writing

Video discussion on tools and techniques to express yourself via written words while providing an opportunity to heal, grow, and feel empowered.

4/12/2022 - Rachel Kodanaz
Navigating Conversations around Grief and the Holidays

Handling conversations during the holidays is essential to remain conscientious of those grieving the loss of a loved one and being sensitive to their needs.

12/2/2021 - Rachel Kodanaz
Video: Navigating Conversations around Grief and the Holidays

Video recording discussion on how to find meaningful ways to celebrate the holidays and honor your grief while still protecting your feelings.

11/2/2021 - Rachel Kodanaz
Video: Navigating Conversations Around Personal Loss

Video recording on responding to people whose remarks feel insensitive regarding losing a loved one and how to respond without feeling angry or hurt.

8/31/2021 - Rachel Kodanaz
Returning to Work: Routine Can Help the Healing Process

Returning to work after loss of a loved can be a positive experience if approached with care, knowledge and managed expectations for yourself and your employer.

6/30/2021 - Rachel Kodanaz
Video: Creating a New Future with Your In-laws After Loss

Video recording discussion on helpful, practical approaches to navigating family dynamics and situations after a death.

8/6/2020 - Rachel Kodanaz
TAPS Talks Video: Managing Work and Family Under the Same Roof

This video recording of the TAPS Talks connection with Rachel Kodanaz offers creative activities that families can do to get through this challenging time.

3/28/2020 - Rachel Kodanaz
Video: Returning to Work after a Death

This video recording of the webinar tools and techniques to help the newly bereaved with their transition back to the workplace.

6/11/2019 - Rachel Kodanaz