Contributions by Lalaine Estella

Building a Stronger Bond — How a Mother- and Daughter-in-law Relationship Grew in Grief

On this Parents’ Day, TAPS asked survivors Nicki and Laurie Turner to share what makes their special mother/daughter-in-law relationship work.

7/26/2020 - Lalaine Estella
'The Transformation': Book offers practical ways to heal after trauma

Dr. James Gordon’s new book is about natural, evidence-based techniques to re-energize our bodies and help cope with grief and trauma.

9/19/2019 - Lalaine Estella
Programs for Young Adult Survivors Expand in 2019

TAPS Young Adult program goals are to set up our young adult survivors for success in every aspect of life—career, work-life balance and service.

4/21/2019 - Lalaine Estella
Young Adults build resilience and strength

Single parent, veteran and survivor shares what she’s learned with those who are navigating the often emotional transition from childhood to adulthood.

3/30/2019 - Lalaine Estella
Volunteers are invaluable

The need for volunteers at TAPS is increasing as the number of survivors seeking comfort and care increases, and programming grows to support them

3/24/2019 - Lalaine Estella
Run to support the TAPS mission

This spring, we’re excited to start training for the fall race season as we continue to make every mile memory in honor of our loved ones.

3/22/2019 - Lalaine Estella
Marine vet recognized as 2019 Military Mentor of the Year

TAPS proudly recognizes Kevin Penn as the TAPS Military Mentor of the Year for his outstanding work on behalf of surviving children of fallen service members.

3/3/2019 - Lalaine Estella
Just Breathe

A growing body of research is showing that controlled breathing has been shown to reduce stress and improve overall physical and mental health.

2/27/2019 - Lalaine Estella
Practice Random Acts of Kindness This Week — for Your Health!

Increase your happiness by going out of your way to do something kind and unexpected for someone else.

2/17/2019 - Lalaine Estella
Surviving family creates bucket list for sick dog

Survivors Crystal and her son Max fostered a sick little puppy named Earl who stole their heart, and the hearts of 4 million viewers.

2/14/2019 - Lalaine Estella
Holding a Safe Space for Men

TAPS Men's Programs provide opportunities for surviving men to connect with others who have experienced the loss of a loved one who served.

1/15/2019 - Lalaine Estella
TAPS Care Groups: Finding Comfort Together

TAPS has doubled the number of Care Groups with the support of Peer Mentors in communities across the country.

1/9/2019 - Lalaine Estella
Join us for Seminars, Retreats in 2019

Registration is open for Survivor Seminars, Good Grief Camps and other opportunities for gathering with fellow survivors in the New Year.

12/29/2018 - Lalaine Estella
It’s a Colorful Life

"It’s healing. When I sit there and paint, there is a connection I have to my son. I feel motivated."

12/27/2018 - Lalaine Estella
National Wreaths Across America Day

Thousands of volunteers will participate on Saturday, December 15, to place wreaths on veterans’ graves at over a thousand cemeteries throughout the country.

12/13/2018 - Lalaine Estella
Suicide Grief: Stories Behind the Story of Loss

Listen to a podcast on the impact suicide grief has on three survivors. Discussion hosted by TAPS Dr. Shauna Springer.

11/28/2018 - Lalaine Estella
Stronger Together

A TAPS Peer Mentor and mentee count on each other for love and support.

11/7/2018 - Lalaine Estella
New Jersey Regional Seminar brings military survivors together

“I became a Peer Mentor after receiving so much care and compassion during my early days of grief.” ~ Melinda Kane

11/2/2018 - Lalaine Estella
Good Grief Camp Military and Legacy Mentors

TAPS Military and Legacy Mentors share personal reasons for volunteering to support grieving children and teens.

10/27/2018 - Lalaine Estella
Horse Show Recognizes Military Service and Families of the Fallen

Surviving mother and daughter to attend the Washington International Horse Show’s 7th Annual Military Night in Washington, D.C.

10/26/2018 - Lalaine Estella
Why the delay in VA ed benefits this semester?

The VA is working to resolve technical issues that have resulted in delayed in payments and processing of GI Bill benefits this fall semester.

9/20/2018 - Lalaine Estella
John Jarecki, Good Grief Camp mentor and TAPS supporter

“There’s a camp for children who lost a loved one in the military?”

8/7/2018 - Lalaine Estella
TAPS Peer Mentor: Someone to Lean On

A TAPS Peer Mentor and mentee share their story and connection.

8/5/2018 - Lalaine Estella
Fallen Hero Match Made in Heaven

Through TAPS' Fallen Hero Match, runners are paired with surviving military families to let them know their loved one’s sacrifice will never be forgotten.

4/30/2018 - Lalaine Estella
Request a Community Resource Report for Tailored Grief Support

TAPS can connect survivors to grief resources close to home. Upon request, TAPS can provide a detailed report of support groups in your community.

4/25/2017 - Lalaine Estella
Walk This Way: Therapeutic Walking as Healing

Walking group programs offer participants an opportunity to share, re-energize and learn from others who have also experienced grief.

8/1/2016 - Lalaine Estella