Contributions by Kristi Stolzenberg

The Legacy Lives On

TAPS is proud to award Deputy Director, Government and Legislative Affairs Ashlynne Haycock-Lohmann with the Senator Ted Stevens Leadership Award.

3/20/2024 - Kristi Stolzenberg
Honor to Serve

A surviving sister continues her brother's legacy of service as she honors him through her "Flag Boxes for Fallen Heroes" Eagle Scout project.

3/1/2024 - Kristi Stolzenberg
Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter: A Legacy of Care

TAPS recognizes Rosalynn Carter's work as a champion for caring for caregivers nationwide. TAPS remains committed to carry her compassion onward.

11/29/2023 - Kristi Stolzenberg
Very Important Document

The family of a Soldier share his letter home (both in English and Spanish) in hope that his’s words will bring comfort to other surviving families.

11/10/2023 - Diego Rincon - Kristi Stolzenberg - Ideliz Mora-Cruz
Saluting Service and Sacrifice: Gillette, NFL Team Up for TAPS

Show your support for TAPS, Gillette and Walmart. Next time you stop by your local Walmart, snap a selfie with Brian, Dom, and the Camo Razor display.

11/1/2023 - Kristi Stolzenberg
Lasting Wish, Lasting Gift

A Master Sergeant's final three wishes become his gift to his family, his community, and even his battle buddies at the 113th.

10/24/2023 - Kristi Stolzenberg
Bocce, Good Food, and Bright Futures

The Michael C. Cerullo Memorial Veteran Scholarship is awarded to a TAPS survivor on the road to culinary greatness. The annual bocce tournament funds it.

10/10/2023 - Kristi Stolzenberg
TAPS Senior Advisor Honored for Ongoing Efforts in the Military, Veteran, Caregiver, and Survivor Communities

Dr. Lynda Davis was awarded the prestigious 2023 MG Alan B. Salisbury Salute to Service Award for Board Impact.

9/29/2023 - Kristi Stolzenberg - TAPS
Lest We Forget: teams4taps Brings 2 Families Together to Honor Their Heroes in Scotland

TAPS coordinated to bring Chris and Connor to the game to honor their dads, who were both killed in action in Afghanistan.

5/9/2023 - Kristi Stolzenberg
From Grief to Giving Back: A TAPS Helpline Associate Shares Her Journey

In her role as a Helpline Associate, Vanessa takes from her experience to provide fellow survivors comfort, support, resources, and an understanding listener.

12/15/2022 - Kristi Stolzenberg - Vanessa Hanna-Verrett