Contributions by Kenneth Doka

Video: Debunking 8 Popular Myths About Grief

Video recording of what the current thinking about grief reveals, helping you better understand and cope with your grief journey.

3/28/2023 - Kenneth Doka
Video: Coping with Loss when Death is Stigmatized

Video recording discussion on when mourners feel they cannot express their loss fully because of the cultural stigma about how the person died.

1/18/2022 - Kenneth Doka
Video: Asking for Help When You Are Grieving

Video recording discussion that explores and offers useful exercises and ideas to both ask for and offer support when someone is grieving.

8/17/2021 - Kenneth Doka
3 C’s for Holiday Grief

Acknowledging the difficulties of holidays after loss does not make it easier, but tapping into coping strategies may provide some much-needed help.

12/4/2020 - Kenneth Doka
Not the Funeral I Wanted

Dr. Doka offers suggestions to help make your memorial meaningful despite feeling empty after saying good-bye to a loved one during this pandemic.

10/23/2020 - Kenneth Doka
Video: A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance, Finding Balance in the Midst of Grief

Video recording discussion on the process of mourning your loved one while forging a new life without them.

10/13/2020 - Kenneth Doka
Video: "I'm Losing Him Before He's Gone" - Coping with Anticipatory Grief

Video recording discussion on strategies to support yourself or someone else anticipating of death of an ill loved one.

7/28/2020 - Kenneth Doka
Video: Helping Grievers Cope with Guilt, Anger, and Other Difficult Emotions

This video recording for professional caregivers of military survivors discusses processing difficult emotions in grief such as guilt, anger, and shame.

5/7/2020 - Kenneth Doka - Dale Larson
TAPS Talks Video: Managing Different Coping and Grieving Styles Under the Same Roof

This video recording of the TAPS Talks connection with Ken Doka discusses how to understand and balance different styles in these challenging times.

4/7/2020 - Kenneth Doka
TAPS Talks Video: Grieving as a Grandparent

This video recording of the TAPS Talks connection discusses the concerns faced by grieving grandparents and ways to find meaning in the loss.

4/1/2020 - Kenneth Doka - Dana O'Brien - Linda O'Brien
TAPS Talks Video: Coping with Grief in Uncertain Times

This video recording of the TAPS Talks connection discusses how current conditions may complicate the grief of persons currently experiencing loss.

3/18/2020 - Bonnie Carroll - Kenneth Doka - Audri Beugelsdijk
Ripples on a Pond: Understanding and Coping with Secondary Loss

Secondary losses can feel especially painful during the holiday season, as survivors face an empty chair at the table or changes in a cherished annual ritual.

12/13/2019 - Kenneth Doka
Video: So Much Has Changed: Managing Secondary Losses During the Holidays

This video recording of the webinar offers coping strategies for families as they face an empty seat at a cherished holiday ritual.

11/20/2019 - Kenneth Doka
When Grief Affects Our Health

Grief may affect how we think and behave, our mental and physical health, and other aspects of our lives. It’s important to know when to seek help.

4/10/2018 - Kenneth Doka