Contributions by James Gordon

Video: Grief, Healing, and Posttraumatic Growth After the Loss of a Loved One

Video discussion on tips on practical ways for all of us to explore, grow through, and move beyond the trauma that comes with the loss.

5/14/2024 - James Gordon
Restoring Balance Amid Grief and the Pandemic

Learn how Soft Belly Breathing and Shaking and Dancing can help us feel easier in ourselves and make us feel more comfortable connecting with others.

2/1/2021 - James Gordon
TAPS Talks Video: Reducing Stress and Restoring Hope

This live connection with James Gordon provides some practical guidance in restoring balance and promoting health in the trauma-heavy time.

4/14/2020 - James Gordon
The Trauma-Healing Diet

Learn which foods are best for you, why they are good, and how they either enhance or hinder your healing from trauma.

1/1/2020 - James Gordon
Video: Providing Hope and Healing to Those Coping with Trauma and Loss

This video recording of the webinar is to help bereavement professionals and clinicians with an evidence-based approach to healing psychological trauma.

10/29/2019 - James Gordon
Video: Finding Wholeness after Trauma

This video recording of the webinar discusses safe, practical ways for all of us to explore, grow through, and move beyond the trauma.

9/24/2019 - James Gordon
Gifts of Grief: Tools to Help You Through

There are gifts we must give ourselves after we’ve faced a loss: time and space to grieve and the support from others.

12/12/2017 - James Gordon
The Unstuck Approach

The goal with the Unstuck Approach is to learn to understand and help ourselves, so we can overcome feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

7/11/2017 - James Gordon