Contributions by Erin Jacobson

Video: Loss and Loneliness at the Holidays - Finding a New Narrative

Video discussion on practical strategies for choosing our own traditions which may mean exploring limiting beliefs about what life "should" look like.

11/16/2022 - Erin Jacobson - Emily Munoz
How Nature Helps Us Heal After Loss

During my darkest moments after the death of my loved one, in nature, I always find affirmations of hope and healing.

8/1/2022 - Erin Jacobson
How Do We Start Again? Small Steps to Reconnect with Ourselves

Learning to see ourselves in positive ways can help us begin to heal no matter what our capabilities. Our bodies are worthy of compassion and care.

10/22/2021 - Erin Jacobson
Creating Space and Rediscovering Ourselves in the New Year

As we go into the new year after 2020, perhaps this year we choose to give ourselves the grace of making space to see what our internal voice has to teach us.

1/4/2021 - Erin Jacobson
TAPS Talks Video: Empowered Coping

This video recording explores how to ask and answer in ways that are truthful and productive and strengthen feelings of belonging and connection.

4/20/2020 - Erin Jacobson - Emily Munoz
TAPS Talks Video: Who am I now?

This video recording of the TAPS Talks connection shares some tools for self-discovery as a way to examine how to reclaim our identities.

4/6/2020 - Erin Jacobson
TAPS Talks Video: The Power of Perspective - Choosing Gratitude

This video recording of the TAPS Talks connection explores the importance of gratitude and methods to incorporate it within our daily lives.

3/25/2020 - Erin Jacobson
Women’s Empowerment Retreats Help You Dig Deep, Make Friends and Press Onward

TAPS understands the ripple effects of loss — how grief weaves itself into every part of what we know and who we are.

8/6/2019 - Emily Munoz - Erin Jacobson
Vision Board: Creating a Life You Envision

January 12 is National Vision Board Day—as good a day as any to start creating the life you want to see for yourself.

1/12/2019 - Erin Jacobson
New Beginnings in the Winter Stillness

Imagine what your life could be like now, in the best possible scenario. What would it be like to dare to dream of something new?

1/1/2019 - Erin Jacobson
Healing Wisdom from Trees

Take the time to reflect and feel gratitude for the things like the autumn tree that are different but beautiful in your life.

11/14/2018 - Erin Jacobson
Finding My Whole Self in the Brokenness

In my own life and in the lives of the families that I have met through TAPS, I see a similar thing. I see new beauty rebuilt out of ruins.

10/16/2017 - Erin Jacobson
5 Things to Pack for the Grief Journey

The grief journey takes us to unknown places, and while we don't know all that we will encounter, we can pack some things to help us on the journey ahead.

3/19/2017 - Erin Jacobson
Letters from TAPS: Time to Retreat

TAPS Retreats are designed to bring survivors out of their comfort zone. We get to see just how strong we are, after losing someone important in our lives.

6/21/2015 - Erin Jacobson