Contributions by Bob Bagosy

A Father's Quest to Honor his Son

Okay, it's finished! The quest to honor my son, SGT Thomas R Bagosy USMC is complete.

11/24/2014 - Bob Bagosy
Beginning of the New Normal

Tommy is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. We, his family, continue to live with this new normal.

9/15/2014 - Bob Bagosy
Marriage and Death - A Semper Fi Story

My week started with my son getting married and ended with my father being buried with honor.

8/25/2014 - Bob Bagosy
The Answers

I believe that my quest to know Tommy was successful, but I still realize I will never know why.

6/17/2014 - Bob Bagosy
Semper Fi Moments

Danny was a good Marine and veteran. He volunteered with the VFW and Vietnam vets. Here we are sitting on Santa's lap, way back in 1966.

3/24/2014 - Bob Bagosy
Another Chapter of a Father's Journey

There are a thousand individual events that occur where each family feels the loss. Things left unsaid; regrets for a life lost so young.

1/13/2014 - Bob Bagosy
Our Marine Corps Birthday Tradition

Tommy died of his invisible wounds on May 10, 2010 but he is always with us, especially every Marine Corps Birthday.

12/2/2013 - Bob Bagosy
Reflections of Yesterday

Tommy started his last day on earth by kissing his kids and wife goodbye, telling them he loved them.

10/28/2013 - Bob Bagosy
Father's Club

I know if we had it any other way we would wish we didn't know each other as no one wants to belong to this Father's Club.

9/23/2013 - Bob Bagosy
The Search for Answers

Tommy's death shook me so much that to this day I sometimes have a hard time functioning in my day to day life.

8/19/2013 - Bob Bagosy
The Hawk

The hawk first showed up on Thanksgiving Day 2010 at our house in Georgia, which was 6 months after Tommy’s death.

7/8/2013 - Bob Bagosy
A Father and His Marine

Tommy served his Country well in Afghanistan according to the Marines who honored him at his memorial service at Camp Lejeune.

6/17/2013 - Bob Bagosy